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This might sound strange to some people, scholarships for left-handed students exist. These are specifically designed to recognise and support the challenges faced by them, just like LGBTQ+ scholarships to celebrate diversity and support their aspirations. Scholarships for left-handed students funded by recognized governments as well as private bodies aim to help students through their educational journey. Students can claim scholarships ranging from $1000 up to $5000 depending upon the skill set they pursue.

They have a unique perspective on attending to their problems. Through this blog, you will be able to find the various scholarships available to aid them throughout their educational journey. You can find the listed scholarships and learn more about them.

Bold.org No-Essay Community Scholarship

The very first scholarship you may have a look at is the Bold.org No-Essay Community Scholarship. This scholarship is introduced for students who prioritize involvement and support. Students are only eligible if they exhibit a commitment towards assisting and fostering their community. Students must look out for different ways to help out their friends and strengthen their community. There are as such no criteria to avail of this scholarship, students at any education level, school, field of study, and GPA shall be considered.

ELIGIBILITYStudents at any education level
DEADLINE May 1 2024

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The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship

This scholarship is also a specially designed scholarship for left-handed students but also requires a special criterion for you to be a student at Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania. Since the very beginning of this scholarship, it has helped over 40 left-handed students throughout their educational journey. 

To qualify for this scholarship students must have an impeccable academic record and also demonstrate financial need. This scholarship serves as evidence of Juniata College’s commitment to nurturing diversity within its student community.

AWARD AMOUNT$1000-$1500
ELIGIBILITYLeft-handed college students 
DEADLINE May 24 2024

The Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

The Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund is introduced for college freshmen who are currently enrolled and pursuing a degree in culinary arts. The only necessity is that the student must be enrolled full-time in a two-year culinary program. 

This scholarship is administered by the esteemed American Culinary Federation and is targeted to delegate and support aspiring culinary students. Eligible students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and also actively contribute to volunteer activities.

ELIGIBILITYLeft-handed seniors
DEADLINE April 30 2024

Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

Moving on, you can also explore the Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship. This scholarship is designed for students who are enrolled in any university across the United States. You are only eligible for this scholarship if you have exceptional qualities including creativity, humour and a profound passion for your chosen career path.

Students are required to facilitate with a one-minute video, describing how left-handedness has shaped their personal lives and educational endeavours. This scholarship focuses on the hidden skill set of left-handed students.

ELIGIBILITYLeft-handed college seniors or students in the US
DEADLINE Deadline closed for 2023

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Next, we shall discuss The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarships. This scholarship serves especially to full-time high school students who demonstrate remarkable efforts towards community service, excel academically and possess strong leadership qualities. 

Moreover, students must actively contribute to the betterment of their communities. With all this, the student must also maintain an annual minimum GPA of 2.8 which illustrates the importance of academic excellence.

ELIGIBILITYLeft-handed college seniors or students in the US
DEADLINE Deadline closed for 2023

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Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship

Next in the list of top scholarships for left-handed students we have the Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship is dedicated to female undergrad sophomores who are aspiring to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

This scholarship is introduced to foster gender diversity and excellence among the students. The selected field of study must be recognized by the National Science Foundation. The female candidates must pursue a career in any field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) compulsorily.

ELIGIBILITYFemale college freshmen and sophomores 
DEADLINE March 4 2024

Parry and Pfau left-handed Scholarship

The Parry and Pfau left-handed Scholarship also offers great opportunities for US residents with excellent academic records, only available for students who are enrolled at US-based universities. This scholarship not only recognizes students for their pristine academic records but also for their ability to execute their tasks innovatively and engage humorously. 

ELIGIBILITYHigh school seniors and juniors
DEADLINE 31 July Annual Basis

Heiken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

Heiken USA Performing Arts Scholarship is received by the students who are awarded by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. All full-time students who are pursuing careers in drama, music, opera, theatre, and other performing arts are eligible for this scholarship. Besides, the students must be African American, hold US citizenship and be enrolled in any US university. 

With all the required criteria individuals also maintain their minimum required GPA of 2.5. Candidates must retain great leadership qualities and actively contribute to community services.

ELIGIBILITYFull-time students 
DEADLINE March 31, 2024

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Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

Continuing on our list we have the Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the renowned National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Students who are pursuing bachelor’s in fields such as Political science, History, Government or Economics can easily apply for this scholarship. Individuals must meet the minimum eligibility requirements which are enrollment in a four-year college or university and a commitment to higher education. 

ELIGIBILITYCollege seniors
DEADLINE January 31, 2024

Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship

The Humane Society of the United States established the Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship. Its primary motive is to recognize and support the compassion of left-handed students towards animal welfare. Students hailing from New England who exhibit a profound dedication towards the welfare and protection of animals can check out this scholarship. Students must have an excellent academic record along with significant contributions towards animal welfare.

ELIGIBILITYHigh school graduates 
DEADLINE November 30, 2024

The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship

The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship is available exclusively for sophomores and juniors of Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania. This college from its very establishment in 1979 has played a pivotal role in assisting over 40 left-handed students in pursuing their desired educational careers. Only candidates who are in genuine financial need and are committed towards further higher education can apply for this scholarship.

AWARD AMOUNT$1000-$1500
ELIGIBILITYCollege students 
DEADLINE May 24, 2024

Cappex Adult Learners Scholarship

This scholarship for left handed is for adults over 25 years of age who will complete their Bachelor’s Degree from any accredited college. Specially designed for left-handed students who are willing to stay committed towards their future and exhibit exceptional academic qualities.

ELIGIBILITYCollege students 
DEADLINE August 2, 2024

This was the list of top scholarships available for left-handed students. Candidates can have a look at the listed scholarships to select the desired one for them. 

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FAQs on Scholarships for Left-handed People

Can left-handed students increase their chances of receiving scholarships?

Yes definitely, students can maintain their minimum required GPA and improve their vocational skills to increase their chances of receiving a scholarship. They must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and also willingly volunteer in community services.

What types of scholarships are available for left-handed students?

Left-handed students can avail of scholarships based primarily on merit, need, creativity, and vocational skills. Additionally, some colleges also offer scholarships to support left-handed students.

How can I find scholarships for left-handed students?

You can easily find scholarships for left-handed students by browsing online and exploring various blogs. You will also find all the necessary details on the top scholarships through our blog.

What is meant by scholarships for left-handed people?

Scholarships for left-handed students as the name suggests are specially designed scholarships for students who use their left hand for their primary work.

What types of scholarships are most common?

Students mention two types of scholarships that are most common: merit and need-based. You can also categorise them in a more diverse way which will increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

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