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Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular choice among international students to pursue higher education. According to the Economic Times, more than 4000 Indian students enrolled in IT, medical, and data science courses in Irish universities in 2023. To provide financial support to students worldwide, many international scholarships to study in Ireland have been offered by the Irish government and universities. These scholarships can be partially or fully funded depending on the student’s eligibility criteria, course, and university. 

Let’s have a look at the basics of International scholarships to study in Ireland. This will give you a basic understanding of the levels of study, eligibility and documents required. 

Types of International Scholarships to Study in IrelandGovernment-funded
University Specific
External Organisation based Scholarships
Level of Study (for which Scholarships are provided)Undergraduate Postgraduate PhD
Subject Areas
(Specifications can vary based on the type of scholarship)
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Research in food, agriculture, crops, and rural development
Sports Music
EligibilityExcellent Academic Background
Extra-curricular activities
Volunteering experience (not mandatory)
Documents RequiredPassport
Academic Transcripts
Reference Letters
Offer Letter

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Scholarships to Study in Ireland

Many government institutions, universities and other organisations award scholarships to meritorious and deserving students. Eligibility criteria are set for them and those who fulfil them can avail of these scholarships to cover a part of tuition fees or living expenditures in Ireland. While some focus on extracurricular activities and volunteering, many just look at their academic score. 

The competition to avail of these scholarships is very high. It is recommended that students start preparing well in advance before the preferred intake. The amount and scholarship granted will depend on your chosen subject, destination, subject, and the level of course. Some scholarships provide 100% financial assistance while others cover partial tuition fees and living expenses.

Here are some of the most popular scholarships available for International students pursuing UG, PG, or diploma courses.

Popular Scholarships for International Students in Ireland
Government of Ireland Scholarships
The Walsh Fellowship
Maynooth University Scholarships
Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
NUI Galway International Student Scholarships

Government of Ireland Scholarships

The Government of Ireland Scholarships are merit-based scholarships provided by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland. Eligible candidates can avail of 60 different scholarships under this initiative to pursue Bachelor, Master, or PhD courses at recognized Irish universities. 

  • An amount of 10,000 EUR is awarded for one year’s study in Ireland. 
  • 100% waiver provided on tuition fees and registration costs at the university enrolled in

Excellent academic, personal, and professional background with a strong rationale for continuing studies in Ireland is the basic eligibility criteria. Students can apply by filling out the application form online on the portal and attaching the supporting documents. 

The Walsh Fellowship

The Walsh Fellowship is a scholarship provided by a third-party/ external organisation. International students who are pursuing research in food, crops, agriculture, and rural development and eligible for the Walsh Fellowship. 

  • A grant of 24,000 EUR per year is provided to the qualifying international students
  • Funding is granted for a maximum of 2 years to complete an MSc degree
  • Applicants are assessed on the following criteria- scientific background (50%), tasks ( 20%), expected benefits (10%), supervision and resources ( 20%) 

Maynooth University Scholarships 

International students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s can avail of Maynooth Univesity Scholarships. Students who have accepted the university’s offer letter and deposited the amount are eligible for this scholarship. 

  • The duration of the scholarship is 1 year
  • A Grant of 2000 EUR for undergraduate students is provided
  • A grant of 2500 EUR for postgraduate students is provided

Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

Trinity College, University of Dublin provides many international scholarships to study in Ireland. The scholarships can be availed for undergraduate, postgraduate and E3 levels of study. E3 involves Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies Scholarships. 

  • The grant is provided for 1 year
  • The amount offered to undergraduate students of 5000 EUR for full-time courses
  • Postgraduate students are entitled to 2000-5000 EUR for full-time courses
  • Students in the E3 level are granted 1-year scholarship valued between the amount of 2000-5000 EUR. 
  • E3 students are also eligible for a 4-year scholarship valued at 4000 EUR

NUI Galway International Student Scholarships

University of Galway, Ireland offers many merit-based scholarships to attract high-calibre students from all over the world. Offered for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the university has strict eligibility criteria for international students. They offer country-specific scholarships as well as serving in regions like South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North & Central America. 

  • 1000 EUR or 50% waiver on tuition fees is provided to eligible students
  • An allowance of 16,000 EUR to research candidates is provided

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Best International Scholarships to Study in Ireland Provided to Indian Students

Indian students are also entitled to scholarship benefits to study in Ireland. The top scholarships provided to them are the Indian Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships by Trinity College Dublin, Centenary Scholarship Programs, and Central Bank of Ireland Scholarships. 

Indian Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships- Trinity College Dublin

The Indian Undergraduate Scholarship amounts to 36,000 EUR applicable for 4 years. Each year eligible students are granted 9000 EUR which is applied as a fee reduction. Indian students applying for undergraduate courses are eligible for this scholarship considering their strong academic performance. 

The Indian Postgraduate Scholarship is given to Indian students pursuing master’s courses at Trinity College, Dublin. They are granted a 3000 EUR fee reduction. 

Centenary Scholarship Programs

Centenary Scholarship programs are for Indian as well as International students from Brazil, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US. The benefit provided under this scholarship is the waiver of a one-year tuition fee.

Central Bank of Ireland Scholarships

This scholarship is launched by the Central Bank of Ireland and provides scholarship benefits like USD 29950 salary annually, 24 days’ annual leave, educational assistance etc. It is offered to students pursuing honours degree courses in Ireland. 

International Scholarships to study in Ireland for UG and PG Courses

Here’s the list of Ireland Scholarships for International students divided based on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Students can avail of these scholarships by fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The amount granted can be used to waive tuition fees and other living expenses in Ireland. 

International Scholarships to Study in Ireland for UG CoursesInternational Scholarships to Study in Ireland for PG Courses
Government of Ireland – International Education ScholarshipsGovernment of Ireland – International Education Scholarships
NUI Galway International Student ScholarshipsNUI Galway International Student Scholarships
Trinity College Dublin ScholarshipsTrinity College Dublin Scholarships
Maynooth University ScholarshipsMaynooth University Scholarships
University College Dublin Global Excellence ScholarshipsUniversity College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships
University College Cork Global Excellence ScholarshipsUniversity College Cork Global Excellence Scholarships
Dublin Institute of Technology Centenary ScholarshipThe Walsh Fellowships
Dublin City University ScholarshipFullbright Scholarships
University of Limerick Scholarships and many more. DCU Taught Masters Program award

FAQs on International Scholarships to Study in Ireland

How can an international student get a scholarship in Ireland?

To get international scholarships to study in Ireland, students must have excellent academic, personal, and professional backgrounds. Besides, having a volunteering experience is an added advantage. 

What are the types of International Scholarships to Study in Ireland?

To study in Ireland, international students can avail three different of scholarships- government-funded, university-specific, and scholarships provided by external organisations. 

What are the benefits of applying for International Scholarships to Study in Ireland? 

Some Ireland scholarships for International students provide 100% financial assistance while others cover partial tuition fees and living expenses. Besides, Ireland has many cultural, economic and educational opportunities to offer to international students. 

What are some International scholarships for Indian students to study in Ireland?

The top scholarships provided to Indian students to study in Ireland are the India Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships by Trinity College Dublin, Centenary Scholarship Programs, and Central Bank of Ireland Scholarships.

How to apply for the Government-funded Ireland Scholarship 2024?

International students can apply for Ireland scholarships by applying on the portal and completing the application form.  

This was all about Ireland Scholarships for International students. Students can consider applying to fully-funded government scholarships, university-specific scholarships, or scholarships provided by external organisations to study in Ireland. They can help students cover 100% of their tuition fees or partial tuition expenses and living costs. 

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