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Scholarships and education loans are a great way to cover tuition fees and other study abroad expenses. While education loans are easier to avail from lending institutions, preparing to crack scholarships is a challenging task. Many international students apply for scholarships leading to high competition amongst all. 

Thus, it becomes important to know the secrets to winning study abroad scholarships. Identifying your goals and researching the scholarships that suit your profile and course are the keys to getting international scholarships to study abroad. 

Let us know what are the other key factors and tips to consider when preparing for international scholarships to study abroad. 

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How to Prepare for Study Abroad Scholarships?

There are multiple steps to prepare for getting international scholarships to study abroad. Right from the beginning, study abroad aspirants must focus on maintaining a strong academic record as many international scholarships are merit-based. But, maintaining an educational background is not enough, students must excel beyond that.

Let’s see how one can start preparing and what are the tips to consider to win study abroad scholarships. 

Maintain Academic, Personal, and Professional Background

If you have study abroad plans and wish to avail yourself of international scholarships abroad, you must be prepared to study hard and maintain a high CPA. Students must have a scheduled timetable to plan out their daily activities. Having an excellent academic background not only proves your past achievements but also your perseverance to achieve future goals. 

Besides, involve yourself in extracurricular activities and volunteering activities. Many International scholarships seek volunteering experience and student participation in activities beyond the classroom. Build a strong resume and portfolio of your work that shows your professional experience. Maintaining this can make your application stand out among others.

Look for Study Abroad Scholarships & their Eligibility

The next important thing is to research and know about the types of scholarships that are available. For example- there are government scholarships, university-specific scholarships, and international scholarships provided by third-party organizations to study abroad in a specific country. 
We have compiled a list of some of the best International Scholarships to study abroad. You can check these links for detailed information- 

Once you are done with the lists of scholarships that are available, and the list of scholarships that are as per your level of study (UG, PG, or PhD), you need to check the eligibility criteria. Make a list of scholarships that meet the eligibility criteria and start filling out the application forms with the correct details, documents, and personal essays. 

Work on Building Language Proficiency and Prepare for Interviews

Communication skills are important in deciding whether you make it or break it through the scholarship process. Make sure to practice communicating your ideas, goals, and motivations by preparing for the frequently asked questions during the interview process. Prepare for your IELTS/ TOEFL/ GRE/ GMAT or other language proficiency tests accordingly and set a designated time for its preparation. 

While preparing for the FAQs in the interview round, you can note down your responses. Learn the keywords related to the organisation’s missions and goals and make sure to use them while answering the questions. Also, look at past scholarship winners and understand how they evaluate aspiring candidates. 

Avoid Generic Statements in Essays

Students would be required to write a personal essay. Make sure to write concisely and avoid making generic statements. Remember that your essay will give an idea about your aspirations and passion for the course you are applying for. Justifying the reasons for your study abroad plans and why you need this scholarship are highly important. 

Talk about your accomplishments, and organize the essay by answering who you are, what are you doing, what have you done in the past, what are your future plans, how you plan to accomplish that, and how getting this scholarship will make an impact on your future.

Make sure to write a unique essay that tells about you and proofread it to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. 

Prepare Your Resume & Add References

Lastly, you will be required to prepare your resume highlighting your accomplishments, projects you have been part of, extracurricular and off-campus activities, or any foreign language you know of. Your resume should be short and crisp. 

Attach a cover letter along with your resume stating why you are the right fit and a deserving candidate for study abroad scholarships. Be specific with your strengths and how you can contribute to the field of study. 

Talk to your professors, coaches, employers, and teachers who can count on you. Add their references after having a word with them that they are ready to write a letter of recommendation (if required). 

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Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Study Abroad Scholarships

Besides considering the pointers discussed above, always keep in mind the important do’s and don’ts while preparing for getting international scholarships to study abroad. 

Meet deadlinesDouble-check application content and material for accuracy
Seek advice and revise your application essays
Avoid using generic or copied content in your essays
Don’t overlook small scholarships (they can make a big difference)
Don’t submit an incomplete application

FAQs on Getting Study Abroad Scholarships

How do I prepare for international scholarships?

To prepare for international scholarships to study abroad, students must start working to maintain an excellent academic background. Also, look for scholarships available and their eligibility criteria, work on building language skills and prepare for interview rounds by practising FAQs. Avoid making a generic statement in your essays and submit complete application forms.

How can I get a full scholarship to study abroad?

Start preparing well in advance and submit an exceptional scholarship essay to get a full scholarship to study abroad. Participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering can give added advantages while applying for scholarships. 

How much percentage is required for an international scholarship to study abroad?

Aspiring candidates must secure a minimum of 65-85% before applying for an international scholarship to study abroad. Students must have an excellent academic record with complete participation in extracurricular activities. 

Can I go abroad after the 12th by preparing for a study abroad scholarship?

Yes, students choose a suitable scholarship based on the desired course, university and city after the 12th. 

How much IELTS score is required for study abroad scholarships?

Students must secure a band score higher than 6.5 to increase their chances of securing international scholarships to study abroad. 

Hope this blog on how to prepare for getting international scholarships to study abroad helped you. Setting a schedule for preparing for interview questions and understanding how to write a personal essay are critical steps. 

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