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Best International Scholarships to Study in the US: Undoubtedly, the USA is one of the most expensive countries to study abroad. But, imagine pursuing world-class education in top-notch universities in the US. Well, your ambitions can be fulfilled with an opportunity that makes it all possible- international scholarships to study in the US. These scholarships are the progressing ladders for aspiring students, helping them to take a step forward while easing the financial burden of studying abroad. Let’s know about the international scholarships that unlock your dreams to study in the US. 

University Specific International Scholarships to study in the US

Many universities in the US are offering scholarships to students worldwide who want to pursue higher studies in the US. Scholarships can vary in terms of the amount offered. Most of them cover tuition fees, living expenses, books, and travel costs. Let’s have a look at the universities that are providing scholarships. 

  • Harvard University Scholarships- The university offers an array of financial aid for its aspirants. Around 55% of students at Harvard College receive need-based scholarships to study in the USA. Over 2,000 individual endowment and gift funds are offered by The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Scholarship program.
  • American University Emerging Global Leadership Scholarship- This undergraduate scholarship is offered at American University in Washington D.C. It covers tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees for international students who demonstrate leadership abilities, academic achievement, and commitment to their home communities.
  • Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program- This scholarship covers full tuition for international students with outstanding academic credentials and leadership potential.
  • Clark University Global Scholars Program- Clark University’s prestigious scholarship covers full tuition for exceptional students with a strong commitment to leadership and community. It offers US$10,000 (approx. 8.31 lakhs) for scholarships as well as a guaranteed $2,500 (approx 2 lakhs)taxable stipend for a paid internship available for first-year international applicants.
  • Michigan State University International Scholarship- MSU offers various scholarships for international students based on merit and need. 
  • Illinois State University International Awards- These scholarships are awarded to incoming international students based on academic merit and range in value. It offers incoming international students tuition waivers, merit awards, and graduate assistantships.
  • New York University Wagner International Scholarships- Offered to students at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service who demonstrate strong academic achievement and commitment to public service.
  • University of Oregon International Scholarships- Each year the University of Oregon awards more than $2.5 million in financial aid and scholarships to international students. The scholarships are offered to eligible students based on merit and need. 
  • The University of Wisconsin Superior Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program-  This program provides tuition waivers for qualified non-resident international students, reducing the tuition cost significantly.
  • Iowa State University International Merit Scholarship- These scholarships are awarded to international students based on academic achievement and cover a portion of tuition costs. Up to $40,000 ($5,000/yr–$10,000/yr) is offered as an award of achievement and Up to $16,000 ($2,000/yr–$4,000/yr) is given for an award of distinction. 

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Government-funded US Scholarships for International Students

The government provides different types of scholarships to international students to assist them with their finances. There are two most famous government-funded scholarships for international students. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

This Fellowship program enhances leadership among international professionals. It is administered in 26 countries by a Binational Fulbright Commission. It is a non-degree scholarship program for international professionals who wish to undertake 10 months of academic study in the US. Participants do not receive any degree, however, they update their academic and professional knowledge in the field.  

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program operates in more than 160 countries worldwide. Approximately 4,000 international students receive Fulbright scholarships each year. This government-funded US-based scholarship enables students and professionals to study and conduct research in the US. It is open to all international students in all fields excluding medicine. 

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FAQs on Best International Scholarships to Study in the US

How can I get an international scholarship to study in the USA?

Many universities in the US offer scholarships to international students. In addition to those universities, there are government-funded US scholarships like the Fulbright scholarship and the Hubert Humphrey scholarship. 

How can I get 100% scholarship in the US?

To get a 100% scholarship in the US, you must be at the top of your class with a great GPA, and get perfect (or close to perfect) SAT or ACT scores. Apart from this, you must possess great leadership skills.

Can Indian students get scholarships in the USA?

Yes, many universities provide scholarships to Indian students to pursue their higher studies with them. However, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria to be the recipient of the scholarship as securing one is very competitive. 

Does Harvard give 100% scholarships?

Harvard does not offer any merit-based aid and no full-ride scholarships. However, they do meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. 

How much percentage is required to get a scholarship in the US?

The percentage required for scholarships in the USA depends on the university and scholarship you are applying for. But a minimum of 3.5 GPA is expected to get a scholarship in the USA

This was all about the details of International scholarships to study in the US. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. However, the costs associated with the same are daunting. Nevertheless, the scholarships discussed in the blog can help you manage your study abroad finances and pursue your global dreams. 

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