International banking accounts for international students

UK Bank Account

Having a UK-based bank account enables you to handle expenses in the local currency, eliminating currency exchange fees. Convenient access to the nearby bank branch makes addressing any issues a seamless experience. Moreover, as a student account holder in the UK, you enjoy various benefits like overdraft facilities, discounts, and cashbacks!

Canada GIC Account

Ensure swift processing of your Canadian student visa and study permit by opting for a GIC account. It is a prerequisite for studying in Canada and aids in handling your financial needs. Through the short-term investment choices provided by the GIC account, you can establish a credit history and create a financial buffer for yourself during your studies in Canada.

German Blocked Account

Streamline your experience as an international student in Germany by opting for a German Blocked Account. This account acts as evidence that you possess sufficient funds to sustain yourself for a minimum of 12 months without relying on financial assistance from the German government. Additionally, as a student, you gain access to visa ATMs across Europe. Moreover, you have the opportunity to apply for educational loans, travel insurance, health insurance, and other services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Account - UK
GIC Account - Canada
Blocked Account - Germany

  • Ensure the use of the original passport.
  • Acceptable passports include Indian or British passports only.
  • Provide an address from either India or the UK.
  • When scanning the passport and taking a selfie, avoid any reflections, flashes, darkness, or blurriness.
  • Ensure that all edges of the passport are visible.

Any customer who is 18+ and has a valid Indian Passport.

  • To activate your Debit Card, follow these two steps, which can be completed while in India:
  • Call our customer service center to initiate the Debit Card activation.
  • After the card is activated, visit any Bank ATM in India or the UK to perform the first transaction.

  • One may either download the statement online or request it through the call center.

  • No, ATM cash withdrawals across the UK are free of charge.

Customers can make payments through three channels: Internet banking, the mobile app, and by visiting a branch.

You don’t need a UK visa to apply for a UK Account.

  • You can typically close your account by contacting the bank directly or visiting a branch if required. Depending on the bank's policies, there may be certain procedures to follow, and any remaining funds may need to be withdrawn or transferred elsewhere before closure.
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