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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad. Every year, more than 2 lakh students go to Canada to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Though an education loan is an effective option to pursue studies at your dream colleges, there are fully funded scholarships in Canada that will help you achieve your dream with less financial burden. 

Scholarships in Canada that are granted to meritorious students are based on their academic performance and recommendations by universities. Scholarships like the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Pierre Eliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship etc are provided to international students to pursue graduate studies in Canadian universities. Let’s check all the details about various fully funded scholarships in Canada.

Types of Scholarships in Canada for International Students

There are various types of scholarships in Canada provided to international students for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies. Some scholarships are funded by the government, while others are by private NGOs, universities etc. Check the types below:

  • Financial Scholarships
  • Government-funded Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarship
  • Privately Funded Scholarships
  • University Scholarship

Best Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in Canada

A lot of students aspire to go to another country for higher education, but it’s not easy for everyone to manage their finances. Studying in Canada can cost a lot, but some universities provide scholarships that cover everything, like tuition fees, accommodation costs and more. However, you must understand how to prepare for international scholarships so that you can get the scholarships easily. Let’s check some of the best fully funded scholarships for international students in Canada.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The origination of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) dates back to 2008 when the Government of Canada initiated this prestigious program. The main purpose of this scholarship is to attract meritorious doctoral candidates within Canadian academic institutions. This is one of the best financial aid for international students in Canada. With its comprehensive funding, this initiative supports doctoral students across various disciplines within the Canadian academic landscape. 

Through this government-sponsored fully funded scholarship, the students are granted a substantial financial aid package of up to CAD 50,000 annually for 3 years. To qualify, you must be nominated by just one Canadian university that has been given a quota for the Vanier CGS. Also, the student shall be pursuing a first doctoral degree.

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Pierre Eliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship started in 2001, a year after Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s 15th Prime Minister, passed away. This scholarship helps exceptional students studying humanities and social sciences who are dedicated to public policy and social matters. It’s for MPhil/Ph.D. students working on their doctoral degrees, offering a stipend of up to CAD 40,000. They also provide an additional CAD 20,000 for travel and research, making it among the top fully funded scholarships for international students in Canada.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) was initiated in 1975 to encourage outstanding performance in graduate studies at Ontario universities. It offers over 3,000 scholarships each year across all disciplines. For students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees, the scholarship provides financial support of CAD 10,000 per award for two consecutive years of study. To be eligible for this scholarship, the students are required to secure a minimum of 80% marks in each of the last two full-time academic years.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship offers CAD 70,000 annually and is open to international students with a PhD in environmental or health professions. The application deadline is September 30, 2024. This fully funded opportunity in Canada aims to attract highly skilled individuals for research-based development and leadership roles. Canadian and non-Canadian PhD candidates are eligible, with Canadian citizens and permanent residents able to utilize the scholarship within and outside Canada. International students are restricted to holding the Banting Postdoctoral fellowship solely in Canadian institutions.

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Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is provided by the University of Toronto. This is one of the best fully funded scholarships in Canada offering comprehensive financial support for international students pursuing their bachelor’s degree. The scholarship covers tuition fees, books, full residence support etc. Applicants are required to demonstrate leadership qualities, originality, and creativity expressing their motivations for studying at the University of Toronto. This scholarship stands out as an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to pursue undergraduate studies at one of Canada’s leading universities.

UdeM Exemption Scholarships

The UdeM Exemption Scholarship is offered by the University of Montreal in Canada and is one of the best fully funded scholarships in Canada. It provides the opportunity for international students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at leading francophone research universities in Canada. This scholarship requires applicants to hold a compulsory study permit and be enrolled full-time in a study program. The scholarship amount varies depending on the chosen subject.

Google PhD Fellowship Program

Google PhD Fellowship Program is one of the renowned fully funded scholarships in Canada. The scholarship provides full tuition fee coverage for students pursuing a PhD in Computer Sciences in Canada through the Google PhD Fellowship Program. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a PhD program and have completed graduate-level coursework before applying. The application deadline for this scholarship is May 8, 2024. This opportunity stands as one of the premier fully funded scholarships in Canada.

President’s International Scholarship of Excellence

President’s International Scholarship of Excellence is offered by York University. This is one of the most prestigious fully funded scholarship opportunities in Canada. This merit-based scholarship has specifically been designed for international students pursuing a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Canada. It offers CAD 45,000 to cover tuition fees. To qualify, applicants must achieve a minimum score of 88 in TOEFL, 6.5 in IELTS, or 60 in PTE. The students shall apply directly to York University within two years of high school graduation.

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

The University of British Columbia offers the prestigious International Leader of Tomorrow Award (ILOT), a need-based scholarship designed for undergraduate students with exceptional academic achievements and leadership qualities. The total amount of the scholarship is CAD 35,000 covering covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other study-related costs. In order to get this scholarship, you have to show your financial inability to pay the tuition fee and other expenses.

Leakey Foundation Research Grants

The Leakey Foundation Research Grant is one of the best fully funded scholarships in Canada offering an amount of CAD 40,299. The scholarship is provided to established scientists and advanced doctoral students who must demonstrate fluency in English. This esteemed opportunity caters specifically to PhD and postdoctoral students, providing comprehensive coverage of tuition fees. The last date to apply for this scholarship is July 15, 2024.


What are fully funded scholarships in Canada, and how do they differ from other scholarships?

Fully funded scholarships in Canada cover not only tuition fees but also other expenses such as accommodation, living expenses, and sometimes even travel costs. This differs from other scholarships that may only cover partial expenses or focus solely on tuition fees.

Who can apply for fully funded scholarships in Canada?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship program. Generally, both domestic and international students can apply for fully funded scholarships in Canada. Criteria may include academic merit, leadership skills, financial inability, and meeting specific program requirements.

How do I increase my chances of receiving a fully funded scholarship in Canada?

To increase your chances of receiving a fully funded scholarship in Canada, focus on maintaining excellent academic performance, participating in extracurricular activities, demonstrating leadership qualities, and preparing a strong application package that includes essays, letters of recommendation, and relevant documentation.

What obligations are associated with fully funded scholarships in Canada?

Obligations and commitments vary depending on the scholarship program but may include maintaining a certain GPA, participating in community service activities, or fulfilling post-graduation requirements.

Are there any deadlines for applying for fully funded scholarships in Canada?

Yes, each scholarship program has its own application deadlines which are announced well in advance. It’s very important to carefully note these deadlines and ensure all required documents are submitted before the specified date.

This was all about some of the best fully funded scholarships in Canada in 2024. Always check the official website of the organisation for application deadlines and other information.

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