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Finances need to be managed properly and for this, a student must remain well informed of all the sides of money management, especially the currency. An identification of currency notes is also essential for foreign students so that they do not fall into the trap of circulating fake notes.

One commonly counterfeited currency note is a 200 euro note. Sometimes you may unknowingly receive a 200 Euro note that may lead you to face issues. It is therefore necessary to identify the 200 Euro note that is authentic and not a fake one. Let’s understand all the factors through which you can spot a fake 200 Euro Note.

Identifying Fake 200 Euro banknote

A 200 euro banknote is the second least widely circulated denomination in European Countries. It was introduced in the country along with the introduction of the currency in 2002. Owing to its high value, the note is liable to meet counterfeits and hence it is necessary to differentiate between the genuine and fake one. When you are exchanging currency or buying products you will be handling the note.

Observing the Design and Dimensions

A genuine 200 banknote possesses an iron and glass architecture, predominantly yellow-brown. It has bridges and arches in the 19th and 20th century Art Nouveau style. The observer side carries a window in the Art Nouveau style while the back side depicts the bridge and a map of Europe. The 200 euro banknote measures 153 mm to 82 mm in dimension. If you are aware of all these features, you can easily detect a fake 200 euro note.

Checking the Security Features

To ensure security in circulation, the 200 euro banknote comes with several security features like paper quality, watermark, invisible ink, holograms and micro-printing. It is necessary for a student studying in European countries to know about them.

Paper Quality

To ensure security in circulation, the €200 banknote is made of 100% cotton fibre making it feel firm and crispy and the print should feel raised where the link is firm while the fake note will be limp, waxy and the print will not appear raised. If the note feels unnaturally smooth or flimsy, it could be a fake. The paper with which the authentic note is printed is very rarely available and can only be bought with a license issued by the government. It cannot be sold or bought by any unauthorized person and it is impossible to sneak it out.

Security Thread

The security thread runs as a dark line through the middle third of the bank note and is visible when the banknote is held against the light. The security thread contains 200 EURO written in small letters and it alternates between normal writing and mirror writing.


The banknote has to be tilted to see the hologram. On tilting it will show the value of the note and the window or doorway.

Colour Changing Number

When we further tilt the Bank Note the number on the back changes colour from purple to olive green or brown.

These security features are very essential to know and understand to safeguard against counterfeits when a student goes to European Countries to study.

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The real €200 banknote has micro printing where in ΕΥΡΩ” (EURO in Greek characters) on the front the micro-text is sharp and not blurred.

Serial Number

One must also pay attention to the serial number in the €200 banknote. There are two numbers printed at the back, one horizontal and the other vertical. The horizontal number is printed in Black and comprises two letters and ten digits and the first letter identifies the printing works. The second letter has no meaning; it simply makes more serial numbers possible. The vertical number is in a different colour.

What to do if I Receive a Fake €200 Banknote?

The market is a busy place and everyone is in a rush these days. You may face a situation when you unknowingly receive a fake €200 banknote. Since the €200 banknote is a big denomination, it will be a total loss to you as it might not move further. Under such conditions, it is necessary to handle the fake note carefully and hand it over to the police or an authority like security services or intelligence services so that it cannot be circulated further. Here are some major steps you should take if you receive a fake €200 banknote:

  • The counterfeit currency should in no case be passed to someone else. Passing the counterfeit notes is illegal and can result in serious consequences.
  • One must also not damage the fake bill and keep it in a safe place as evidence after reporting it to some viable agency.
  •  Report the counterfeit bill to the authorities as soon as possible. This usually means contacting your local police department or that European country’s Intelligence or Secret Service.
  • When reporting the fake bill, be prepared to provide information about where and when you received it.
  • One must cooperate with the law and the concerned authorities during an investigation by providing all true and relevant information.
  • If the concerned authorities ask you to surrender the fake note then you must follow their instructions.


Is it a criminal offence to pass on a counterfeit banknote?

Counterfeit currency does exist in varying degrees in every country. It is a criminal offence to pass on such a currency. Ignorance of knowledge of the true note leads to this problem so the students should have a thorough knowledge of banknotes and must be able to differentiate between counterfeit and true banknotes.

Can counterfeiters replicate all the security features of a genuine €200 bank note accurately?

Counterfeiters may try to produce a replica of the banknote but these notes are issued through strong knowledge keeping the security features in mind. Some of the security features do not match with the true notes as they cannot be replicated. Familiarity with the banknote can prevent a student from falling in the trap.

What should I do if I suspect that a €200 bank note I received is fake?

If you suspect that a €200 banknote that you have received is counterfeit, then do not attempt to use it for any transactions. It should be handled carefully. You must report it to the concerned law and enforcement authorities.

Are there any legal consequences for unknowingly using counterfeit currency?

Unknowingly using counterfeit currency is generally not considered a criminal offense but not cooperating with the authorities to trace the people responsible for circulating it might lead you into some undesirable situation.

How can I ensure that I receive genuine 5-dollar bills when exchanging currency or making transactions abroad?

While exchanging currency or receiving change, it is necessary to check its security features. Security features such as watermarks, security threads, and colour-shifting ink help to differentiate between fake and genuine currency.

Handling counterfeit notes is an offence and is a serious matter of concern. They should be reported to an authority meant for the same. If a student studying in European countries learns about the currency of that place and is familiarized with it then such problems can be avoided. It is essential to be vigilant when handling foreign currency like the euro and save yourself from scams.

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