How to Exchange Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees?

How to Exchange Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees
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How to Exchange Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees: In your study abroad journey, currency exchange is an important factor that you need to consider. When you come back to India and you have some foreign currency with you then it can be exchanged easily with INR. Currency exchange is affected by many things such as exchange rates, commissions, tax, service charges etc. You should always choose renowned service providers for currency exchange or other Forex services. Hotels and some international airports also provide currency exchange services but they usually charge more. Let’s understand how to exchange foreign currency to India.

How Currency Exchange Works?

Currency exchange is affected by a lot of factors such as economic scenarios, international market fluctuations etc. The Exchange rates fluctuate daily due to various economic factors, and understanding these dynamics is very important if you are making a transaction in currency. The exchange rate represents the value of one currency in terms of another, and the rate you receive determines how much INR you’ll get for your foreign currency.

  • Merchants at the airport and hotels usually charge higher exchange rates than the actual and that’s why they are not ideal places for currency exchange.
  • Always understand properly the charges, transaction fee exchange rates etc that will be charged by the service provider.
  • Choose a reputed currency exchange that has a good track record in the field. Some renowned currency exchanges in India are Western Union Money Transfer, ICICI Forex Services, Axis Bank etc. 

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How to Exchange Foreign Currency to INR?

Rahul, an Indian student in the United States, needs to exchange his US dollars for INR. He went to a bank that provides forex services and also did some research online and found a service provider. Now, he decided to compare rates between his local bank and the online platform. After researching, he discovers that the online platform offers a better exchange rate and lower fees, ultimately providing him with more INR for his dollars. The online platform was also a renowned service provider. 

  • You can understand from the above example that it is very important to do proper research so that one can find the best rates on currency exchange.
  • Dedicated service providers like Western Union, Travelex etc. offer better rates as compared to banks.
  • Some of the popular merchants for currency exchange are Western Union, Travelex, A&S (operating in the USA) etc. 

Exchanging Major Foreign Currencies to INR

Most of the currency exchange centres provide services for all the major currencies of the world like USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR etc. Check some of the examples of exchanging major currencies for the Indian Rupee (INR). 

  • US Dollar (USD): Given its global prominence, the USD is a common currency for exchange. It is considered one of the strongest currencies in the world. As of December 15, USD 1 equals INR 83.01 (may change based on the exchange rate fluctuations). Platforms like Western Union, ICICI Forex Services, Travelex, etc or any local banks can provide you with currency exchange services and you will experience seamless conversion.
  • Euro (EUR): If you’re studying in European countries, dealing with the Euro is inevitable. Exchanges like Thomas Cook offer competitive rates for INR and EUR currency exchange rates. As of December 15, EUR 1 equals INR 91.01 (may change based on the exchange rate fluctuations).
  • Great British Pound (GBP): For those pursuing education in the UK, exchanges such as Travelex and UAE Exchange can assist with converting GBP to INR. As of December 15, GBP 1 equals INR 106.09 (may change based on the exchange rate fluctuations).

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Always research properly while exchanging currency and choose a service provider who is authorised and offers the best rates. For example, if you are in New York, then try to find the best currency exchange centres in New York which are authorised and doing business legally. Check out some of the best currency exchanges for Indian Students below:

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook offers competitive exchange rates to its customers. You can visit their office or website and avail the service. It also offers a range of foreign exchange services, including currency exchange and it also has a good track record in rendering such services. It has a strong presence across India and provides online and offline services.


 Travelex is a global brand with a presence at major international airports. It has its office in New York also and is open 7 days a week. For USD to INR conversion, you can visit this centre during their office hours. They offer genuine exchange rates and low commissions. It also allows online ordering and home delivery of foreign currency.

UAE Exchange

UAE Exchange is known for its widespread network and reliable services. It offers student-specific forex solutions and offers competitive exchange rates. However, you should always compare among multiple merchants and don’t settle for the first option.

FAQs on Exchange Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees

How to transfer the US dollar to the Indian rupee?

You can choose any currency exchange service provider for exchanging US dollars for Indian Rupee. Do proper research and find a merchant that provides the best exchange rates and has low commission or transaction fees. 

How much INR I will get against USD 120?

As per the current exchange rate, you will get INR 9967.70 for USD 120. Please be informed that the currency exchange rate fluctuates based on various factors and the amount at the time of exchanging the currency may be different as stated above. 

Where can I exchange USD for Indian Rupee?

You can exchange your currency at airports hotels or any currency exchange service provider in the city where you are residing. 

This was all about How to Exchange Foreign Currency to Indian Rupees. Whether you opt for online platforms like Western Union or traditional services offered by banks, staying informed and making informed choices will ensure a hassle-free experience in managing your finances while studying abroad.

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