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Over the years in global finance, the Euro currency has stood for unity and economic stability. Introduced in 1999, it has become the second most traded currency in the world, serving as the official tender for 19 of the 27 European Union member states. But everything that has a vast usage is also the one that’s exploited the most. With the widespread usage of Euro currency, there comes an inevitable challenge of counterfeit currency which is threatening the integrity of the Eurozone economy. In this blog, we will further talk about various ways to detect counterfeit currency and numerous ways to uncover this situation.

What is Counterfeit Euro?

Counterfeit currency refers to money produced without the official authorisation of a government or state with the intention of committing fraud. The production or circulation of counterfeit money constitutes fraud or forgery and is unlawful across all jurisdictions worldwide.

One of the main reasons that counterfeiters are attracted to this European denomination is because of its high value and huge circulation. Despite strong measures taken by the European Central Bank (ECB), forgers are still finding and evolving methods to mimic genuine currency notes. The making of forged notes usually involves a refined mix of traditional printing methods, making detection a challenging test.

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How to Detect Counterfeit Euros?

Detecting counterfeit Euros requires proper understanding and attention to the features of a genuine Euro note. You can check the note by examining the paper and print quality, as genuine Euros have distinct textures and intricate details. You can also use tools like UV lights to check for security features such as watermarks, holograms, and security threads. Check more details below:

Feel the Texture

Genuine euro banknotes have a special texture due to the cotton fibres used in their production. Direct your finger over the surface to feel the raised printing, which includes the denomination, the European Central Bank’s abbreviation and of course, the euro symbol.

Inspect the Watermark

Just like in Indian currency, Euro notes also have a light-sighted watermark to confirm their authenticity. This must be carefully checked whenever you receive a note of high denomination. You can check the watermark even in bright sunlight or by holding it upwards in front of the light.

Examine the Hologram

The holographic stripes on the euro banknotes display an image that changes when tilted, revealing intricate patterns and the banknote’s face value. Fake holograms often lack the depth and detail of real holograms.

Check the Security Thread

The security thread is a thin metal strip embedded in the banknote that contains microprinting of the denomination and euro symbol. When you hold the thread up to the light, it should appear as a continuous line running vertically across the bill.

Verify the Color-Shifting Ink

Some euro banknotes have colour-changing ink on the numbers on the back. Tilt the bill and see if the numbers change colour from purple to olive green or brown.

Pay Attention to Microprinting

Genuine euro banknotes contain microprinting that is clearly visible even when enlarged. Counterfeit banknotes often lack this level of detail because the microprinting is blurry or unclear.

fake euros

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The increasing presence of Euro currency presents an obstacle to the Eurozone economy’s credibility. Yet by remaining vigilant and informed both individuals and businesses can safeguard themselves against becoming targets of counterfeiters. 

By acquainting yourself with the security measures mentioned earlier and staying updated on risks one can play a role in upholding the Euros standing as a symbol of dependability and assurance in the financial sphere. It’s crucial to bear in mind that uncovering each Euro represents a triumph, for the credibility of our currency and the stability of our economy.


What is counterfeit currency?

Counterfeit money is currency produced outside of the legal sanction of a state or government, usually in a deliberate attempt to imitate that currency and to deceive its recipient.

How do I check my euro serial number?

The serial numbers on this series are the two numbers printed on the back of the banknote: a horizontal number printed in black and a vertical number printed in a different colour. The horizontal number comprises two letters and ten digits.

What is the most counterfeited euro note?

€20 and €50 denominations continued to be the most counterfeited, together accounting for more than 70% of the total.

What is the most common counterfeit currency?

It may not come as a surprise to learn that the US dollar is the most commonly counterfeited currency in the world according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

What is used to detect fake currency?

In the UV counterfeit detection method, the machine throws ultraviolet light on the note to detect marks made using non-visible ink. Currency notes often have marks of authentication imprinted on them that are only visible under UV light.

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