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Students who venture overseas to pursue their higher studies often look for the best overseas travel policies. The insurance policy not only provides financial protection against unforeseen circumstances but also offers peace of mind during their time abroad. Among various policy providers with different plans, this blog aims to compile the best overseas travel policies for students. Read on to explore the best policies available to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience.

Best Overseas Travel Policies

Many best student travel policy providers in India are known for offering comprehensive policies that provide coverage for medical expenses, baggage loss/ delay, trip cancellations/ interruptions, accidents, hijacks, etc. These include Tata AIG, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, HDFC ERGO, and much more. Let’s find out which is the best overseas travel policies for students.

Bajaj AllianzStudent Travel CompanionStudent Travel EliteStudent Travel Prime
Cholamandalam InsuranceChola Student Travel Protection Plan
Reliance Travel InsuranceOverseas Travel Care Policy
Future GeneraliFuture Student Suraksha
National Travel InsuranceOverseas Mediclaim
Tata AIGStudent Overseas Mediclaim

Bajaj Allianz- Student Travel Companion, Elite and Prime

Bajaj Allianz travel and international health insurance for students is one of the best overseas travel policies. It offers worldwide coverage and ensures that no matter how far the student travels, they are always covered for sudden travel expenses.

  • Their student travel companion provides coverage against personal accident, hospitalisation, family visit expenses, incidental expenses, tuition fees, bail bonds, loss of passport, and much more.
  • Their student travel insurance offers three comprehensive plans- student companion, student elite, and student prime plans.
  • You get benefits in USD.
  • Coverage up to USD 200,000 is provided.

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Cholamandalam Insurance- Chola Student Travel Protection Plan

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance for students safeguards students from unpredictable risks that can disrupt and hamper their study-abroad plans. To provide coverage against major losses, they offer comprehensive Chola overseas student travel protection plans.

  • You can choose the type of plan as per your need- silver, gold, or platinum.
  • The Silver Plan is a simple and cost-effective plan with medical coverage.
  • Gold/ platinum is a comprehensive plan that offers value for money with additional benefits such as expense coverage for bail bonds, study interruption, sponsor protection, etc.
  • You get hassle-free and super-fast claim settlement with the Cholamandalam student travel insurance policy.

Reliance Travel Insurance- Overseas Travel Care Policy

Reliance Travel Insurance offers one of the best overseas travel policies, including specific overseas plans, Schengen plans, Asia plans, and student travel plans. These ensure a hassle-free journey, covering all travel-related perils.

  • Support for loss of a passport, baggage loss, interruption in studies, medical expenses, and personal accidents are included.
  • The sum insured is from USD 50,000 to USD 500,000.
  • It can last for 2 years when the plan is purchased.
  • The reliance travel insurance policy provides add-on coverage for treating the treatment of various disorders that may come under the standard, silver, gold and platinum plans.

Future Generali- Future Student Suraksha

Future Generali’s Future Student Suraksha plan is one of the best overseas travel policies for students. It takes care of unexpected expenses, passport loss, study interruption, and other related expenses. The duration is up to 2 years.

  • Tuition fee reimbursement is provided in case the hospitalisation duration is long.
  • Offers quick claim settlements and reimbursements.
  • Zero deductibles while making a claim.
  • Doesn’t cover any pre-existing medical conditions, alcoholism, HIV, AIDS, and self-inflicted illness or injury.
  • Can be easily purchased by providing basic details about travel and visas on their official website.

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National Travel Insurance- Overseas Mediclaim

National Travel Insurance provides the best overseas travel and health insurance under the overseas mediclaim plan for employment and studies. You can opt for worldwide coverage, including/excluding the USA and Canada.

  • Provides coverage for medical illness, medical emergency reunion, medical evacuation, contingency insurance, repatriation of remains and check-in baggage delay/loss.
  • The process is simple- provide your basic details, choose policy type, enter nominee details, and get premium breakup and payment details.

Tata AIG- Student Overseas Insurance

TATA AIG is one the most preferred insurance companies providing the best travel insurance in India. The Tata AIG travel health insurance for students planning to study abroad offers unique travel insurance services that include services for pre-existing medical conditions, evacuation in an emergency and hijack services.

  • Tata AIG travel health insurance offers individual plans in five types: Plan A, Plan B, Ultimate, Ultimate Plus, and Supreme.
  • Travel insurance against lost or stolen passports, accident and sickness coverage, coverage for cancellation of studies, etc.
  • You can travel with quick pay-as-you-go travel insurance for 190+ countries. The prices begin at INR 41.33 per day.
  • The best part is that you use INR however you are insured in USD.
  • The policy duration is up to 365 days and can be renewed or repurchased.

This was all about the best overseas travel policies. They may provide different coverage and have their own set of inclusions and exclusions. Make sure to review the policy details carefully.


Why do I need an overseas travel insurance policy?

Overseas travel insurance provides financial protection against unforeseen circumstances and peace of mind during your time abroad. It covers expenses related to medical emergencies, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and other unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a worry-free experience.

What are the best overseas travel policies for my study abroad?

Some of the reputable and best overseas travel policies are-
-Student Travel Companion by Bajaj Allianz
-Student Overseas Insurance by Tata AIG
-Chola Student Travel Protection Plan by Cholamandalam Insurance
-Future Student Suraksha by Future Generali
-Overseas Travel Care Policy by Reliance Travel Insurance
-Overseas Mediclaim by National Travel Insurance

What does an overseas travel insurance policy cover?

Overseas travel insurance policies for students cover medical expenses, emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, baggage loss/ delay, personal accidents, and more. Additional expenses like coverage for sponsor protections and study interruptions are also covered.

Who are the best overseas travel insurance policy providers?

Tata AIG, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC ERGO, ICICI Lombard, Cholamandalam Travel Insurance, Reliance Travel Insurance, and Future Generali are some of the best overseas travel insurance policy providers.

Can I extend my overseas travel policy?

Yes, many providers offer the option to extend your overseas travel policy, if needed.

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