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Know All About Australian Scholarships for Indian Students: Australia is more than kangaroos and tropical beaches. This country is a place brimming with opportunities to fulfil career aspirations. Studying here is an enriching experience if you’re looking forward to pursuing higher education abroad.

But we all know that studying abroad can be expensive. So, how about targeting Australian scholarships for Indian students? Well, you must certainly aim for it as this is one of the most ideal ways to minimize your study abroad expenses. 

Scholarships to Study in Australia

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Types of Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

Australian Scholarships for Indian Students

With a perfect blend of world-class education and diverse cultural experiences, Australian Universities cater to diverse student interests. They offer attractive scholarship options that serve as a gateway to accomplish your academic dreams. You can also pay your margin money for education loan to study in Australia through scholarship.

In this section, we’ll talk about different types of Australian Scholarships that are available for Indian students to choose from- 

  • Merit-Based Scholarships- To help students fund their studies, Australian Universities and colleges provide scholarships to meritorious international students. You must be good at your studies and have an exceptional academic record to avail the same. 
  • Sports Scholarships- If you are someone who excels in sports, then this scholarship is for you. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship will differ as per the type of sport you play. 
  • Faculty and Departmental Scholarships- This type of scholarship is only available for students taking admissions in particular courses like Architecture and Design Scholarship and Engineering Scholarships. Please note that this is a merit-based scholarship. 
  • Equity Scholarships- Students who face financial crunch, personal disabilities, and challenging medical conditions are eligible for equity scholarships. 
  • Accommodation Scholarships- You can apply for accommodation scholarships if you are unable to qualify for merit-based scholarships. This will cover your accommodation and room settlement expenses. 
  • Government-Funded Scholarships- There are four different types of government-funded scholarships available to students. The Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship (AAPS) is given to students from the Pacific. To strengthen the relations between the countries, the Government of Australia has come up with the merit-based Australia Award. The Research Training Program (RTP) provides grants to the students and The Endeavour Scholarship is given to PG and PhD students. 

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As an international student studying in Australia, you can apply for these popular scholarships.

Scholarship Eligibility
Australia Awards ScholarshipsOpen to Indian students for postgraduate studies in Australia. 
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of the Australian Government lays down the specific eligibility criteria. 
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award and FellowshipsOpen to Indian students for undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational studies in Australia. 
Criteria differ based on the specific scholarship category and the level of study. 
Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)Open to Indian students applying for a research degree (Masters by Research or PhD)
Admission is based on academic performance, research potential, and English language proficiency
This scholarship covers tuition fees, health, insurance, and a stipend for living expenses
International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)Open to Indian students applying for a research degree (Masters by Research or PhD)
IPRS covers tuition fees and health insurance for the scholarship duration
John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)It is for Indian agricultural scientists, researchers, and professionals who wish to go for postgraduate studies (PG or research) or to research in agricultural-related fields at an Australian institution
Applicants must have a clear research plan focusing on agricultural development and meet the requirements set by ACIAR- Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. 
Destination Australia ScholarshipIt aims to attract and support students to study in regional Australia and cover a part of tuition fees and living expenses
Open to Indian students pursuing full-time UG and PG coursework, at specified regional campuses or study locations in Australia

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How to Apply for Australian Scholarships for Indian Students?

To apply for the Australian scholarships, it is best to apply from the official website of the Institution directly. Follow these steps for a seamless application process-

Research Scholarship Opportunities- To start with, you must explore various Australian scholarships that are available. Look into all types of scholarships including government-funded, university-specific scholarships, merit-based scholarships, and others. 

Select Suitable Scholarships- Choose the scholarships that align with your academic qualifications, field of study, and future goals. Give priority to the ones that match your strengths, interests, and level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, or research) 

Gather Necessary Documents- Be ready with all the required documents such as your academic transcripts, certifications, English language proficiency test results (IELTS or TOEFL), letters of recommendation (LOR), statement of purpose (SOP), and CV. 

Prepare a Strong Application- You must craft a compelling application highlighting your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, relevant experience, and career aspirations. Remember to modify your application to meet the requirements and criteria outlined by the scholarship provider.

Submit Application on Time- Submit your application within the stipulated deadline as late submissions might not be accepted. Double-check the details on your application. 

Prepare for Interviews (if applicable)- Some scholarships may require you to appear for interviews for the scholarship selection process. Research the interview questions and practice responses. 

Monitor Application Status- Regularly check for updates or communication from the universities to keep track of your applications.  

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How to get a full scholarship in Australia for Indian students?

PhD degrees in Australia are fully funded. However, if you are not enrolling in a doctoral program, the amount of scholarship depends on your student profile. It ranges from $2000 up to 100% of the tuition fee. 

What is the minimum percentage to get a scholarship in Australia?

To get a scholarship in Australia, you must score a minimum of 85% in your previous degree/ high school. Apart from this, you must also meet the eligibility criteria for General English and other English Language requirements. 

How much does it cost for an Indian student to study in Australia?

Depending on the program you choose and what level you apply for, the cost of studying in Australia differs. 

What are the criteria for applying for scholarships for international students in Australia?  

You must have a good academic score to be eligible for the scholarship. But this is not enough, the eligibility criteria also consider other factors like the course chosen, destination, and the level of education (UG, PG, or PhD). Volunteering experience and extracurricular activities also add an advantage to some kinds of scholarships. 

How do I apply for a scholarship to study in Australia?

The application process for scholarships differs depending on the scholarship provider. Some scholarships require an application form, essays, letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts, while others may only require a personal statement or CV. 

Make sure that you review the application requirements carefully and meet the deadlines for the scholarship you are interested in.

Educational loans stand as a reliable alternative, serving as a viable means to fulfil your global dreams. These loans are offered by financial institutions to provide you with the necessary financial support and pursue your study abroad dreams in Australia. 

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