Navigating Student Loans for Studying in Scotland: Amounts, Repayment, Calculators

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Studying in Scotland is a great opportunity, but funding your education can be a concern. The Scottish government offers student loans to help cover tuition fees and living expenses. Scotland offers a unique and enriching educational experience, but funding your education can be a concern. Student loans are a common way to finance your studies. These loans are administered by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). Keep in mind that eligibility criteria and loan terms may change, so it’s important to refer to the official SAAS website for the most up-to-date information.

Student Loan Amounts

The student loan amount you can receive in Scotland varies based on factors such as your household income, where you’re from in the UK, and your year of study. In general, the maximum loan amount tends to increase for each academic year. It’s important to note that a portion of the loan may be means-tested, meaning it’s influenced by your family’s income.

  • The amount of student loan you can receive to study in Scotland varies depending on several factors. These factors include your household income, where you’re from in the UK, and the specific course you’re pursuing.
  • Generally, the maximum loan amount tends to increase for each academic year. 
  • It’s worth noting that a portion of the loan may be means-tested, which means it’s influenced by your family’s income. 
  • For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the specific loan amounts you could receive, it’s recommended to visit the official Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) website or contact them directly.


Repayment Options

Repaying your student loan in Scotland is quite different from many other regions. The repayment process is income-contingent, meaning you start repaying the loan after you start earning above a certain threshold. Instead of a fixed monthly payment, repayments are income-contingent. The repayment percentage is typically around 9% of your income above the threshold. Any outstanding loan balance after a certain period (usually 30 years) is written off.

Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for a student loan in Scotland, you generally need to meet residency and nationality requirements. In most cases, you must be a UK national or have settled status in the UK. Residency requirements can vary based on where you’re from in the UK. Additionally, you should be accepted into an eligible higher education course. The eligibility criteria for a student loan to study in Scotland encompass several factors. While these criteria can vary based on your specific circumstances, here are some key points to consider:

Residency and Nationality: Typically, you must be a UK national or have settled status in the UK to be eligible for a student loan. Different rules apply if you’re an EU/EEA or international student.

Course and Institution: You should be accepted into a recognized higher education course at an eligible Scottish institution.

Level of Study: Generally, full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses qualify for student loans. However, eligibility might differ depending on the level of study.

Previous Higher Education: Your eligibility could be affected if you’ve previously studied in higher education, particularly if you’ve already received financial support.

Age: There might be age restrictions for applying for student loans, especially for postgraduate courses.

Year of Study: The loan amount might vary depending on the year of study. For instance, the maximum loan amount could increase as you progress through your course.

Household Income: Your household income can affect the amount of loan you’re eligible for, as some loans are means-tested.

Course Duration: Loans are typically available for the duration of your course, plus an additional year for certain circumstances.


Loan Calculators

Several online calculators can help you estimate your potential student loan amount and future repayments. The Student Loans Company (SLC), like Fly Finance, provides a calculator on their official website, which takes into account factors such as your course, location, and household income.

Top Banks Offering Student Loans

In Scotland, the government administers student loans through the Student Loans Company. However, some banks may offer additional financial products to support students. 

In Scotland, student loans are primarily administered by the government through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). However, if you’re looking for additional financial services and support while studying, several banks offer student-focused products such as student accounts and overdrafts. Here are a few of the top banks in Scotland that students often consider:

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

RBS offers offer student-oriented financial products & provides a variety of student banking services, including accounts with interest-free overdrafts tailored to students’ needs. Along with all these facilities, RBS international money transfer facilities help you send money to your family/friends abroad.

Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland offers student accounts with features like interest-free overdrafts and other benefits designed to support students financially.

Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank provides student accounts Interest rates, overdraft limits, and other terms can vary, so compare offerings to find the one that best suits your needs. Also, competitive overdraft options, make it easier for students to manage their finances.

When considering studying in Scotland, understanding the intricacies of student loans is essential to make informed financial decisions. Remember to consult official sources and financial advisors to ensure you’re making the best choices for your educational journey.



Q1. Can I get a student loan to study in Scotland?

Ans. All Scottish domiciled students, irrespective of circumstances are eligible for a loan of up to £5,100 a year.

Q2. How many years of student loans can you get in Scotland?

Ans. You apply for tuition fees through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). SAAS usually provides you with up to five years of tuition fees.

Q3. Is Scottish student loan interest-free?

Ans. Interest is charged from the day the student loan company makes its first payment until the loan has been paid off in full or is cancelled. 

To know more about the loan application process, and the best bank accounts for students or international money transfers, subscribe to FlyFinance or reach out to our experts to help ease your study abroad experience.

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