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Scholarships are a great way to fund your educational pursuits besides educational loans. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate programme, various scholarships are available in different streams like Engineering, Science, Commerce, Arts, Architecture and many more. 

Popular countries the Chevening Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, Bristol University Scholarships, and University of Oxford Scholarships, can be availed by students subject to eligibility. Funding provided through these scholarships might be partial or full depending on the course and institution. 

In this blog, we will cover all about the scholarships to study in the UK. Some of them are funded by the government, some by external organisations, and some of them are university-specific. 

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There are many scholarships for Indian students who wish to study in the UK and fund their education. Before knowing about these scholarships, it is important to check their intake period and eligibility criteria. There are two major intake periods for universities- the autumn/ fall intake (September to December) and the spring intake (January to April). Some universities also offer summer intakes which are from April to June.

Chevening Scholarships 

Chevening Scholarships are one of the most popular scholarships to study in the UK given by the UK government to exceptional students. These are usually provided for a one-year Master’s degree programme. A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required along with an unconditional offer letter from at least one university. Some of the universities participating in Chevening Scholarships are Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Coventry University, Durham University, Brunel University and Cranfield University. 

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship

Students must have an undergraduate honours degree of at least upper second class and must be pursuing a postgraduate degree. Nottingham Trent University, Northumbria University, Plymouth University, and Aston University are some of the universities participating in the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship. These are the types of Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships to study in the UK-

  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships  
  • Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships  
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships    
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships  
  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships 

GREAT Scholarship

This Scholarship to study in the UK is jointly funded by the Great Britain Campaign and the British Council which includes 99 post-graduate scholarships from 36 renowned UK Universities in different subjects. However, for Indian students, 13 postgraduate scholarships are available in 12 higher education institutions in the UK. GBP 10,000 (INR 10.49 lakhs) is offered to deserving meritorious students. 

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) scholarships are for Indian students living in India in the early stages of their careers or either working or studying in the fields focusing on heritage conservation, arts, or humanities. There are three types of grants under CWIT Scholarships: long-term grants, short research grants, and grants for the final year of doctoral study in the UK. 

Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are supported by the Scottish Government and universities that offer up to 50 awards of £8000 each. This covers tuition fees for one year of a full-time postgraduate master’s program in areas like science, technology, healthcare, creative industries, and renewable energy at Scottish universities.

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University-Specific Scholarships in the UK

Besides the government-funded scholarships in the UK, many universities have their own set of scholarship grants for international students to study in the UK. Below provided is the list of top universities providing scholarships and bursaries. Here’s how you can prepare for international scholarships

Bristol University- Think Big Scholarships

The Think Big Scholarships offered by Bristol University aim to attract the brightest and most meritorious students from all over the world including Indian students. The students studying full-time undergraduate courses at the university (except medicine, dentistry, and veterinary courses) are eligible for this scholarship to study in the UK. Students are entitled to EUR 7,500 and EUR 15,000 (INR 6.73 lakhs and INR 13.47 lakhs), only towards tuition fees. An additional EUR 3,500 (INR 3.14 lakhs) is also provided as a bursary during the first year of study. 

Lancaster University- Peel Trust Studentship 

Lancaster University offers around 20 scholarships every year with partial funding of up to EUR 4,600 (INR 4.13 lakhs). It is available to both EU and Indian students for all subjects offered by the University. The scholarship award is available to students for one academic year, however, students may re-apply for the same in the next academic session. The applicant must be at least 21 years old and hold an excellent academic record as the selection criteria are based on academic merit and financial needs. 

University of Oxford- Rhodes Scholarship

This is one of the popular scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK by the University of Oxford. It is offered to outstanding students who excel in academics and show exceptional character, leadership and achievement in extra-curricular activities. Students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or a PhD course are eligible to apply for the same. 

University College London Scholarships 

Indian students pursuing UG courses who come from a low-income background are eligible for University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarships. Under this, the university grants 10 awards for full tuition fees and maintenance allowance, and 20 awards for full-time tuition fees. 

The UCL also provides Denys Holland Scholarships worth EUR 10,000 per year (for a total of 3 years of an undergraduate programme). Students who hold full-time undergraduate studies in any department at University College London are eligible for this scholarship. This is a need-based (financial need) scholarship which is subject to satisfactory academic progress.  

University of Dundee Scholarships

The University of Dundee offers a Global Excellence Scholarship to study in the UK worth EUR 7,000 per year (INR 6.28 lakhs). It is offered for only certain courses listed on the official website of the University. Besides, it also offers a Global Citizenship Scholarship award of EUR 5,800 (IN 5.21 lakhs) to students pursuing full-time, on-campus courses. Also, students must not hold any other scholarships from the University of Dundee. 

FAQs in Scholarships to Study in the UK

Can I get a 100% scholarship in the UK?

Yes, some scholarships like the Chevening scholarships are fully-funded scholarships that help international students to study in the UK at 100% funds.

How do I qualify for a scholarship UK?

There are many strategies on how to prepare for international scholarships in the UK. The major ones include paying detailed attention to maintaining an excellent academic and professional background and working on building language proficiency. 

What are the best scholarships to study in the UK?

Some of the top scholarships to study in the UK are Chevening Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, Bristol University Scholarships, University of Oxford Scholarships, and many more.

Are UK scholarships hard to get?

Yes. The UK is one of the most sought destinations to study abroad and the competition among students applying for scholarships and grants is exceedingly high. The students must excel in academic and professional spheres and fulfil other eligibility criteria to avail scholarships to study in the UK. 

How many marks are required for a scholarship in the UK?

A minimum of 65% marks are required for a scholarship in the UK for a master’s or a PhD course. 

This was all about the top scholarships for international students to study in the UK. Before applying for any of these scholarships and bursaries, students must consider looking at the eligibility criteria, amount of scholarships granted, which are the eligible courses, and the level of the programme. 

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