Handelsbanken International Money Transfer: Exchange Fees, Benefits, Transfer Fees

handelsbanken international transfer

A public limited business with its main office in Stockholm, Sweden is called Handelsbanken. Since 1871, it has been active in the financial services sector. Customers of Handelsbanken can take advantage of its banking and insurance products and services. Continue reading this blog article till the end to know about Handelsbanken International Transfer.

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Handelsbanken International Money Transfer

The following are the steps for Handelsbanken International Transfer:

Find out the right information

Find the right information, using the name & address of the beneficiary. Check this out along with BIC and IBAN or national bank ID.

Create the Payment in Online Banking

Make the payment in online banking, and send money across using different currencies. After the payment is registered, you will receive a receipt in the mailbox in online banking.

Select the Payment Type

By selecting the payment type, funds arrive within two working days. You can select express if you’re in a hurry. In this case, the funds will reach the beneficiary’s bank within one working day. 

How quickly can you Send Money with Handelsbanken?

With Handelsbanken International Transfer, sending money will take a certain amount of time depending on:

Where you are transferring the funds

Some currencies may require more time to receive money than others. For a rough estimate for the majority of world currencies, see our comparison table above.

Your chosen mode of payment

The fastest method of funding your transfers is typically using a debit or credit card, albeit this can result in additional fees.

When you transfer funds

If you miss a bank’s cut-off time, your money transfer may take longer. Cut-off times vary among banks. The length of your money transfer may also be impacted by weekends and bank holidays.

How much does Sending Money Abroad Cost Through Handelsbanken?

Depending on where you are sending money from and to, Handelsbanken’s international money transfer fees will vary. Find a price for your money transfer by looking at the comparison table above.

Additional fees may apply depending on the payment option you choose. The most affordable choice is typically a bank transfer, especially when compared to using a credit or debit card. In this comparison, we use the bank transfer technique to compare the costs.

How to Use Svenska Handelsbanken to Send Money to Norway?

Below mentioned are the steps for Handelsbanken International Transfer to send money to Norway:

  • You may quickly create a free account and a private Wallet.
  • Complete the information on your profile, including your name, address, and line of work.
  • Give the name, address, and account number of your recipient’s bank account.
  • Verify the exchange rate between CAD and NOK, then input the transfer amount, pick a payment method, and complete the transaction. Payment method fees are unaffected by the conversion rate. 
  • Now you can relax. You’ll get an email notification when the transfer is finished.

Type of Cross-Border Payment

Below mentioned is the type of cross-border payment for Handelsbanken International Transfer:

Type of cross-border paymentAt Beneficiary Bank Cost
ExpressWithin 1 banking dayOnline SEK 350 (INR 2,788)Branch SEK 450 (INR 3,585)
EU Payment/ SEPA payment in EURWithin 2 banking days Online SEK 0Branch SEK 75 (INR 597)
Nordic Customer Payment Same day or at least 1 banking dayOnline SEK 0Branch SEK 40 (INR 318)
NormalWithin 2-3 banking daysOnline SEK 60 (INR 478)Branch SEK 150 ( INR 1,195)
EU Payment in SEKWithin 2 banking days Online SEK 0Branch SEK 75 (INR 597)

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Things to keep in mind to Complete the Transfer

Follow these steps to finish Handelsbanken International Transfer of money from one bank account to another:

  • Name of the recipient – Confirm that the name on the account and the name on the bank statement match. completing this step will prevent transfer delays.
  • We can identify the sender thanks to the recipient’s address.
  • Direct deposits call for a routing number.
  • The right bank account can be found using the account number.

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Q1. Is Handelsbanken Bank international?

Ans. The home markets of Handelsbanken Bank are the Netherlands, Norway, and the UK.

Q2. Can I use a Handelsbanken card abroad?

Ans. Yes, the card is accepted at stores and ATMs worldwide.

Q3. Can we transfer money from India to the UK through a bank?

Ans. One of the most popular ways to transfer money from India to the UK is a wire transfer.

We have covered everything about Handelsbanken International Transfer! Hope you received better insights. Reach out to Fly. Finance for better guidance. For more study abroad needs, you can contact Leverage Edu. 

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