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A non-bank foreign exchange company, commonly known as a foreign exchange broker or just a forex broker, is a business that provides private individuals and businesses with currency exchange and overseas payments. As a result of rising levels of foreign trade, fueled by advancements in the communications infrastructure and expanded access to the global exchange markets, volumes of foreign exchange markets in India have steadily increased. Continue reading this article to know more about foreign exchange companies in India

About Foreign Exchange Companies 

Typically, the phrase refers to foreign exchange firms that focus on physical delivery rather than speculative trading. In other words, money is physically delivered to a bank account.

Foreign exchange companies typically perform high-value transfers, as opposed to their money transfer counterparts, which concentrate on high-volume low-value transfers, typically made by economic migrants back to their home country or to provide cash for travellers.

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Foreign Exchange Companies: What are the Benefits?

The benefits of the foreign exchange companies in India are as follows:

  • Due to the lack of regulations in the foreign exchange market, participants are not required to bind their orders with stringent guidelines and criteria.
  • The traders are not required to pay any fees or commissions.
  • The market is always open, so you can trade there at any moment.
  • There is no deadline for entering the market. Investors are free to trade whenever they want.
  • Due to the market’s considerable liquidity, transactions can be completed rapidly.

Fly Finance: The Best Foreign Exchange Company 

There is no one service that is suitable for all circumstances, but Fly Finance is the greatest platform you can select for international money transfers. Fly Finance provides you with the best international money transfer service with forex exchange facilities as fly forex has a partnership with numerous banks and NBFCs which are regulated by the Reserve Bank Of India Full-Fledged Money Changer (FFMC) to secure the transfer. 

Here is the Highlighted Table, which gives you an idea brief about one of the top foreign exchange companies in India- Fly Finance

Particular Details 
Payment Method Debit Card; Unified Payments Interface (UPI); Wire Transfer; Net Banking; 
Transaction FeesDebit card: 1.25% to 2.5% of the amount being transferred, as opposed to zero for wire transfers, zero for UPI, and zero for net banking.
Minimum Transaction Limits INR 10, 000
Maximum Transaction Limits up to $250,000

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Details Information about  Foreign Exchange Companies

Here is brief information about the top Foreign Exchange Companies in India, here you will get an idea about every single Foreign Exchange company, how they perform and how they help in the transaction of the amount.

Details of several online money transfer options are provided below. Pick the service provider that best suits your requirements.

Fly Finance 

Fly Forex, the international money transfer service is offered by Leverage Edu‘s financial division. Fly Finance offers the best exchange rates and has no additional costs for transactions involving foreign monies. Money can be transferred worldwide quickly and easily thanks to the portal’s hassle-free onboarding process.

Advantages of Fly Finance 

  • Provide International Money Transfer facilities with ease so that you can globally transfer money without any hustle.
  • With Varieties of services, they will help their customers with a forex exchange facility 
  • As compared to other service providers they charge a low cost per transaction without any hidden charges.
  • The process with fly finance is transparent and easy, and you can avail many advantages with fly finance. 

Western Union 

Western Union combines a retail network of more than 500,000 agents with a digital infrastructure that processes an average of 24 transactions per second to provide money transfer services to all nations on Earth, with the exception of Iran and North Korea.

The Western Union Co. (Western Union) is a supplier of international money transfer and payment services. 

The advantages of Western Union money transfers are 

  • Without leaving your house you can easily send money abroad
  • Real-time tracking of your transaction
  • Get uncomplicated and straightforward procedures
  • Before mailing, use their app to get a price estimate.


Paying online is quick and secure using PayPal. They assist you in making purchases at more than 200 global markets and millions of online shops without having to deal with currency conversion. Downloading their app and creating an account to send and receive money are both free. 

Advantages of Paypal 

  • They make every effort to keep your financial information safe when you pay your bills, send money, or make purchases.  
  • It’s unnecessary to enter all of your financial information every time you shop, which saves time. You can finish the checkout quickly.  
  • Signing up for PayPal is free, and you may use your PayPal balance or bank account to send money to family and friends in the United States for no additional charge.

Transfer Wise 

The new method of sending money overseas as quickly and inexpensively as possible is called TransferWise. For anybody who lives, travels or conducts business across borders, they are developing a better, more affordable, and fairer system.

Advantages of Transferwise 

  • Wise is regulated around the globe, and employs encryption and 2FA for logins, passwords to transfer money, and 3DS for card payments.
  • By law Wise has to ‘safeguard’ your money – furthermore, Wise has an in-house security staff to detect fraud and keep your money and data secure


OFX distributes money in over 55 different currencies to over 190 different countries. Additionally, there is no limit on the amount of money you can send or how frequently you can do it.

However, OFX is not a good option if you’re looking for a service that allows you to send money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account.

Advantages of OFX

  • More than 190 countries and 55 different currencies support transfers.
  • There is no transfer cost.
  • There is no restriction on the amount of money you can move or how frequently you can do it.

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Currency Fair

Customers greatly praise CurrencyFair, with 94 per cent of Trustpilot reviews rating it as “Excellent” or “Great.” A peer-to-peer online currency exchange market is called CurrencyFair.

Additionally to its Ireland headquarters, CurrencyFair has staff members in the UK, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, and Singapore. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Advantages of Currency OFX

  • More than 190 countries and 55 different currencies support transfers.
  • There is no transfer cost.
  • There is no restriction on the amount of money you can move or how frequently you can do it.

XE Money Transfer 

Transfers made through XE, which is owned by the enormously profitable business Euronet Worldwide, are regarded as secure.

Among other things, XE highlights its technical, security, and fraud-prevention prowess as well as its history of processing more than $115 billion in payments.

Advantages of XE Money Transfer 

  • No costs. There aren’t any transactional, commission, or continuing costs.
  • The ability to send money to more than 200 different countries in more than 100 different currencies. Those who need to move money on a regular basis are drawn to their broad reach.
  • When compared to other suppliers, particularly banks, their exchange rates are very competitive.
  • Numerous different financial services are provided by banks. XE, on the other hand, focuses on numerous international currency markets.
  • The software has a great user interface. It simplifies the process of moving money.

World First 

WorldFirst is a global money transfer and payments company established in London that enables both individual and corporate customers to conduct transactions in more than 180 different currencies.

Its pricing is clear, with tiered exchange rates dependent on the value of the transaction. With over 27 different currencies, WorldFirst is 85% less expensive than banks.

Advantages of World First 

  • Business transaction fees range from $10 to $30, whereas personal transactions are free. 
  • Depending on the amounts being exchanged, exchange rates are charged in three categories of 0.50%, 0.25%, and 0.15%.
  • 180+ different currencies are supported by WorldFirst. This can be a big benefit when shipping to areas with less popular, unusual currencies.
  • WorldFirst offers products and support for clients who shop online and on marketplaces. Money transfers are only one aspect of the value; WorldFirst also provides a layer of differentiation.

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Anytime you like, you can use the Travelex International Money Transfer App or the Internet to send money to relatives and friends abroad. Simply register, choose an international bank account, and send money online within minutes.

A reliable source of travel cards is Travelex. Travelex, which serves millions of consumers worldwide, has a 9.0/10 reputation for reliability and great credibility and a 9.3/10 rating from customers.

Advantages of Travelex

  • Their international money transfer service makes it simple, economical, and quick to send money abroad. With the ability to send money internationally, Travelex, Singapore’s top foreign exchange service, has assisted thousands of consumers in getting access to foreign currency. 
  • Travelex International Money Transfer has teamed with the international payment platform NIUM to offer this service.
  • You can use the Travelex International Money Transfer website’s 24/7 service to send money to relatives and friends anywhere in the world whenever you choose. Simply choose your destination country and initiate the procedure.



HiFX was a payments processor and foreign exchange broker situated in the UK. The business specialised in offering individuals and corporations foreign currency and international money transfer services.

New users can access HiFX by logging into a joint XE/HiFX account, but HiFX also has its own special money transfer facilities. 

Advantages of Hifx

  • AI for Payment Behaviour & Marketing Personalization.
  • Gaining customers online while maximizing budget use.
  • Structured Risk Management for Compliance and Fraud Detection.
  • Designing with governance and transparency in mind.

List of Foreign Exchange Brokers 

Here is the list of a few Foreign Exchange Broker 

  • IG: Best overall broker and most dependable
  • Bank Saxo: Top online trading platform
  • Interactive Brokers: Great overall, greatest for professionals: 
  • CMC Markets: Excellent overall, finest platform technology
  • TD Ameritrade: Best desktop platform, only available in the US
  • City Index: Excellent overall selection
  • XTB:  Outstanding research and instruction
  • eToro: Best for copy and cryptocurrency trading

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Q1. Which company offers the best exchange rates?

Ans. The best rates can typically be found at Fly Finance. They have amazing exchange rates and no hidden charges when it comes to international money transfers.

Q2. What are India’s main foreign exchange markets?

Ans. In India, there are five different kinds of currency markets: spot, forward, futures, options, and swaps. The exchange rate market where currencies are traded in real-time is called the spot market.

Q3. What are the main foreign exchange Banks?

Ans. Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Holdings plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co., The Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS AG, Standard Chartered PLC, State Street Corporation, and XTX Markets Limited are a few of the key participants in the worldwide foreign currency market.

This was all about the top foreign exchange companies in India. if you want to know more about foreign exchange contact Fly.Finance for more information 

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