Santander International Transfer: Duration, Calculator, Rates, Process

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Santander Bank is a subsidiary of the Santander Group. The Santander Group is a global retailer that has several commercial banks under it. The Santander Bank was earlier known as the Sovereign Bank and was rebranded in 2012. The bank is popular for delivering a wide range of financial services such as retail banking, corporate banking, cash management, capital markets, mortgages, capital markets, and insurance among others. Moreover, the bank provided international transfer services. Keep reading to know more about the Santander International transfer.

Why Choose the Santander Bank International Transfer?

There are several reasons a customer should choose the Santander International Transfer. Some of them are listed below:

  • Santander Bank has more than 102 million customers and 14,000 branches which is one of the largest in the world.
  • The Bank offers familiar and secure options to transfer money internationally
  • Moreover, USD and EUR payments can arrive on the same day
  • No transfer charges are applicable for the SEPA payments 

How to Make Santander international transfer?

Santander International transfers can be made by following the steps below:

  • Use online transfers/mobile transfer
  • Transfer money by visiting the bank branch
  • Transfer money by phone 

Santander International Transfer: Payment Options

There are 3 types of Santander Bank International Payment options available:

Electronic Transfer

Electronic transfer is the fastest method of payment to an international bank account. The Santander Bank international transfer payments can be received on the same day. That is if the payments are made in EUR and USD. Customers can send money abroad from the Santander Edge current account with no extra charges. However, the ban on receiving the payment can apply to charges.

Available Currencies for Urgent Electronic Transfers 

An electronic transfer can be done via online banking/telephone banking. Do note that the non-urgent electronic transfer can be done in  Euros only. Here is a list of available countries for the Santander Bank International Transfer. 

Available Currencies for Urgent Electronic Transfers 
US dollarAustralian dollar
Czech koruna
Canadian dollar
Danish krone
Hong Kong dollar
Hungarian forint
Indian rupee
Japanese yen
Israeli shekel
Mexican peso
Moroccan dirham
New Zealand dollar
Norwegian krone
Philippine peso
Polish zloty
Qatari riyal
Pound sterling
Romanian leu
Saudi riyal
Singapore dollar
Swedish krona
South African rand
Swiss franc
Thai baht
Turkish lira
UAE dirham

Electronic Euro Transfer (SEPA)

The electronic Euro transfer comparatively takes a longer duration to complete. It can be utilized by a bank if the customer is sending money to take SEPA transfers. Usually, the money arrives the next working day. Moreover, no charges are incurred for the same.

Foreign Currency Cheques and Drafts 

The Santander Bank international transfers allow international payments through cheques and drafts. For cheques, customers should request the draft from the country it is paid in. The following are the available currencies for the foreign currency cheques and drafts.

CanadaCanadian dollar 
AustraliaAustralian dollar
SwitzerlandSwiss franc
United StatesUS dollar

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Steps to Make International Payment Through the Santander Bank 

The easiest way of making international payments through Santander Bank is online banking. You can follow the instructions to make an online payment.

  • Sign in to online banking and visit the ‘payment and transfers’ tab
  • Select the option ‘payment and transfers’ tab
  • Choose international payments listed on the left side of the menu
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen 
  • For overseas transactions, an OTP will be sent. Additionally, you might require IBAN/BIC details 

Steps to Receive International Payment Through the Santander Bank 

Customers can follow the steps below to receive international payments through Santander Bank.

  • Enter your name
  • Details such as IBAN and Santander SWIFT/BIC Code are needed 

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Details Required to Make Santander International Transfer 

The following documents are required to make a Santander Bank International transfer:

  • Recipient’s full name, and bank account number
  • Bank’s SWIFT/BIC code 
  • Depending on the country other details such as a routing number/CLAB might be needed

Santander International Transfer Duration

The international transfer duration for Santander Bank is as follows:

Payment Type Online cut-off timeWhen the money arrives in the bank
Sending money outside the UK in pounds3.00pmNext working day
Sending money within the UK by CHAPSN/ASame working day
Sending money outside the UK (Not in pounds, euros, or US Dollars))3.00pmMaximum 4 working days
Sending money either inside or outside the UK (EUR)11.30am0-4 working days
Sending money within the SEPA in euros using a non-urgent method2.30pmNext working day
Sending money either inside or outside the UK (USD)3.00pm0-4 Working days

Santander International Transfer Fees

The international fees of the Santander Bank are as follows:

Transaction TypeTransaction Charge
Standard international payment (any currency)25 GBP/ INR 2,588
Sending euros to the EEA (SEPA non-urgent payment)No fee
Receiving an international paymentFree for most accounts

Santander SWIFT code

The SWIFT code or the bank identifier code of Santander Bank is as follows:

Bank NameSantander

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Q1. Can I do an international transfer on Santander?

A. Yes. Students can send money to friends and family abroad through their Santander Edge current account. No additional fees will be charged for the international payment.

Q2. How long does Santander international transfer take?

A. The Santander International transfers can take between 2-5 days. 

Q3. What is Santander International Swift code?

A. The Santander International Swift code is ABBYGB2LXXX.

Santander Bank is a part of the Santander Group. Santander Bank offers several services to its customers such as current accounts, insurance, mortgages, loans, savings, and investments, among others. Santander Bank international transfers can be done through mobile phones, bank branches, or online. The bank offers a familiar and secure method to customers to transfer money internationally. To discover more articles like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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