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Samba Bank is a financial institution based in Saudi Arabia. While Samba Bank offers international money transfer services, the specific details, fees, and procedures may vary based on the country you send money to and the type of transfer you wish to make. It is important to note that fees, processing times, and available currencies may vary depending on the destination country and the transfer method chosen (such as wire transfer or online transfer). 

Established on 12 Feb 1980 
HeadquartersRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Number of Branches 72 

About Samba Bank

Samba Bank, officially known as The Saudi American Bank, is a financial institution based in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1980 and has since grown to become one of the largest banks in the country. Samba Bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and corporate clients. These services include personal and business banking, wealth management, investment banking, corporate finance, treasury services, and international banking.

How Transfer Money from Samba Bank Abroad 

To initiate a Samba international money transfer, you would typically follow these general steps:

  • Visit your nearest Samba Bank branch or log in to your online banking account, if available.
  • Provide the necessary identification and account information required by the bank.
  • Specify the amount you wish to send and the currency in which the recipient should receive the funds.
  • Provide the recipient’s bank account details, including the bank name, branch, account number, and other relevant information.
  • Review the transfer details, including fees and exchange rates, and confirm the transaction.
  • Pay any applicable fees and authorize the transfer by signing any required documents or providing necessary authentication, as per the bank’s requirements.
  • Keep the transaction receipt or confirmation for future reference.

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Reason to Send Money from Samba Bank 

There are several reasons why someone might want Samba international money transfer.

  • Personal transfers: Sending money to friends or family members for various purposes, such as supporting their financial needs, gifting, or covering expenses.
  • Business transactions: Transferring funds for business-related activities, including paying suppliers, employees, or contractors, and managing international trade transactions.
  • Bill payments: Using Samba Bank to send money to pay utility bills, credit card bills, or other recurring payments.
  • Investments: Transferring funds to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investment opportunities.
  • Loan repayments: Making regular payments towards loans or mortgages.
  • Emergency situations: Sending money to assist someone in urgent situations, such as medical emergencies or unforeseen expenses.
  • International transfers: Using Samba Bank to send money to individuals or businesses in other countries for various reasons, such as supporting family abroad like, studying abroad, purchasing goods or services, or funding international projects.

Information Required to Send Money from Samba Bank 

This is the information which is required while doing a Samba international money transfer

  • Full Legal Name 
  • International Bank Account Number
  • NBP Bank Account Number 
  • The full legal name, phone number and full address of the beneficiary 
  • Your Beneficiary must bring the transfer and a piece of valid ID when money is available for pickup 

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Samba Bank Code Format 

SWIFT/BIC codes usually consist of 8-11 characters to identify the country, city, bank name, & bank branches.

  • Bank code A-Z
    First 4 characters – bank identification.
  • Country code A-Z
    2 characters indicating the bank’s country.
  • Location code 0-9 A-Z
    2 characters indicating the bank’s location.
  • Branch code 0-9 A-Z
    3 digits indicate the bank’s branch.

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Fly Finance for Money Transfer 

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Is Samba Bank International?

It has locations around the GCC, Europe, and South Asia, including ones in Pakistan, London, Dubai, and Qatar.

How do Samba international money transfers via Internet banking?

The following are the steps of Samba international money transfer:
Enter your receiver and payment information.
Sign up for an account online.
Choose bank transfer as a sending method.
Enter your receiver and payment information

How can I transfer money internationally from India?

You can transfer your money using:
Foreign currency bank draft (or cashier cheque)
Demand draft (DD)
A debit card or credit card.
Money order.
Wire transfer.
Online (bank) transfer.

How to transfer money from an Indian bank account to an international one?

Here are the steps for sending an international money order with the India Post:
Go to the India Post website.
Sign in to your registered user account on India Post.
Select Financial Services.
Select International Money order.
Provide details of the money order.
Pay online.

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