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Private bank Hatton National Bank, also known as HNB, has 251 branches and 563 ATMs throughout Sri Lanka. From 2007 through 2017, the Asian Banker Magazine named the bank the “Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka” on 10 separate occasions. The Banker’s list of the top 1000 banks in the world includes HNB as well. Retail banking, corporate banking, international banking, treasury, and project finance are all areas in which HNB is heavily engaged.

How Can I Send Money to Sri Lanka’s Hatton National Bank?

Sending money with HNB International Money Transfer requires six simple steps.

  • A little bit about yourself, including your full name, address, and job. Check your phone number and email address.
  • Where to transfer the funds. The bank requires the recipient account’s bank information, including the name of the bank and the account number. You can choose whether the receiver will pick up the money or if it will be deposited directly into their account.
  • View the CAD to LKR exchange rate. Once you are satisfied with the CAD to LKR conversion rate, enter the desired amount, choose your mode of payment, and then finalize the transfer. The chat rates fluctuate every day, but the costs associated with each payment option are set and unchangeable.
  • Rack up your cash. You’ve finished all you need to accomplish at this moment. Your funds will be sent; simply keep an eye on them to track their progress to Sri Lanka.
  • Go, Hero! A hero is anyone who uses the internet to donate money to Sri Lanka to help their family. The bank’s role is to assist in offering a service befitting a hero.

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What are the Advantages of HNB International Money Transfer?

A few of the advantages of HNB International Money Transfer are:

  • It is safer than conducting it offline.
  • It is quicker. You can perform it in the convenience of your house.
  • As soon as the transfer is successful, you may access your money.

Details Required for HNB International Money Transfer

Details for HNB International Money Transfer are provided below. There are two distinct delivery approaches, and each has its own requirements:

  • Name of the recipient: Verify that the name on the account you are transferring matches exactly what is seen on bank statements. Your transfer won’t be delayed as a result.
  • Address – To deliver the funds to the recipient’s city, we require the address of the branch you are transferring the funds to.
  • Name of the bank: This is the name of the Sri Lankan bank to whom you are sending money.
  • This guarantees that it reaches your recipient’s account.

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Inward Remittances

The service given by the bank to receive money transmitted from other banks is known as an inward remittance. Check the inward remittance of HNB Bank:

Telegraphic Transfers Inward

Handling charges related to Foreign Accounts/LKR – IIA/BFCA/DFA/OIAAutoRs 400/-USD 5 or equivalent
Handling Charges – RepairAutoUSD 7
Handling Charges related to FCBU accountsManualRs 300/- 
Charges to revert to a remitting bank on discrepanciesManualRs 1,000/- to Rs 1,500/- USD 6 to USD 10 or equivalent
Handling Charges – PFCAAutoPCFA – No Charges
Cancellation of remittance and return of funds to originating bankManualUSD 25 EquivalentUSD 25 Equivalent
Send to other banks Rs – SLIPS/SWIFTRs 100USD 25
InquiresRs 1,000USD 5

Foreign Bank Cheques/Draft Purchase – Drawn on Overseas Bank

Purchase of Bank of Drafts Drawn in Foreign Currency on Overseas BankUp to USD 500USD 500 – 1,000USD 1,001 – 2,000USD 2,001 – 5,000USD 5,001 – 25,000Above USD 25,000AutoRs 500/-Rs 750/-Rs 1,750/-Rs 2,750/-Rs 5,250/-Rs 7,750/-
Foreign Bank Cheques/ Draft – Purchase

Additional Charges

Instruments purchased returned unpaid (In addition to Foreign Bank Charges if any to be recovered from the customer)Manual500/-USD 5
Foreign Bank Charges on Cash Letter Services (Other currencies after Operations/ FI Dept.)GBP 2 -SGD 2 –USD 10

Cash Letter Service

Cash Letter Service (USD, GBP, EURO, AUD, CAD)Rs 2000/-Rs 2,000/- (equivalent in FC)
Foreign Bank Charges on Cash Letter Services (Other Currencies refer to Operations/FI Dept.)USD 10GBP 2 – SGD 2 – USD 10GBP 2 – SGD 2 – 

Clean Collection

Clean Collection (PLUS Foreign Bank Charges will be deducted on realization)Auto

Rs 1,000/-

Rs 2,000/-
USD 10

USD 15
Courier charge
Collection ReturnedManualRs 500/-USD 5

Foreign Bank Cheques/ Draft Purchase – Drawn on Local Bank in Sri Lanka

Purchase of Drafts drawn on other local banks in Sri LankaAuto0.25% MinimumRs 250/MaximumRs 1,0000.25% subject to minimum commissions of USD 10
USD Local Clearing – Purchase

Foreign Bank Cheques/Draft Purchase/Encashment – Drawn on HNB

For HNB Account HoldersNilNil
Payment of cash over the counters for non-customersManualRs 500/-Nil

Cheques/Drafts sent for collection – Drawn on Local Banks in Sri Lanka

Commissions Drafts drawn on other local banks in Sri LankaAutoRs 500/- per instrument0.125% (Min – USD 5 – & Max. USD 25)
USD Local Clearing-Collection
Drafts are drawn by branches of the International Division in US CurrencyNilNil

Outward Remittances 

Outward remittance refers to the remitting bank being entrusted by the remitter to remit monies to his sister banks or correspondent banks using a specific instrument and instructing them to pay the specified amount to the selected payee. Check the outward remittance of HNB Bank below:

Telegraphic Transfer
Commission (Swift Included)Auto/ManualRs 3,500 (for education & other purposes)USD 35 –
In the event, foreign bank charges are to be borne by the remitter#+USD 15#+USD 15
Cancellation refund or amendments Plus SWIFTManual
Rs 1,000/-
Rs 500/-
USD 20
Customer TransfersAutoUSD 20

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Q1. How to send money overseas from Sri Lanka?

Ans. Fly.Finance is the instant money transfer service of a commercial bank.

Q2. What is the limit of HNB international payment?

Ans. The limit of HNB international payment in terms of transactions, billed in foreign currency, is limited to a total amount of 75,000 per week. 

Q3. Is HNB a private bank?

Ans. Yes, Hatton National Bank is a premier private-sector commercial bank operating in Sri Lanka.

That was all about HNB International Money Transfer! Hope you received better insights. Reach out to Fly.Finance for better guidance. For more study abroad needs, you can contact Leverage Edu.

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