Nach E-Mandate: Meaning, Cancellation, Process, Uses

nach e mandate

It is hard to survive in the current society without recurring payments. No one likes to miss out on these payments, whether they be for phone bills, loans, or health insurance EMIs. While due dates and payables may appear straightforward, it might be challenging to remember them all. On the other side, it was challenging for banks, businesses, and other financial organisations to request and receive payment on time. NACH was suggested as a solution by both extremes. This article includes the objective, process and uses of the Nach E- Mandate. Read more. 

Meaning of Nach E Mandate 

Nach E- Mandate is a clearinghouse for electronic money transactions because it is mandated by NACH. National Automated Clearing House is the full name of the NACH mandate. The NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) uses this method to automatically carry out repeated high-volume transactions of both low and high value, removing the need for two-factor verification for electronic interbank transfers.

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About Recurring Payments 

Recurring payments are a type of payment mechanism where customers give business permission to deduct money from their accounts on an ongoing basis in exchange for goods and services. Recurring Payments find use in various businesses for example:

  • OTT media Services 
  • Software as services 
  • Financial Services
  • Utility
  • Retail and E-commerce 

The objective of Nach E Mandate

Here are some Objectives of the Nach E Mandate: 

  • For many ECS systems, NACH serves as a centralised system.
  • It makes use of technology to provide a cutting-edge platform that can handle massive amounts of recurring payments.
  • Electronic transaction regulations and procedures are simple to understand and applicable to all parties.
  • It facilitates ACH transactions using both Aadhaar and mobile devices.
  • The NACH system permits Aadhaar transactions as part of the efforts made by the government and banks to improve financial inclusion.
  • It can handle enormous volumes of recurring payments using cutting-edge technologies.

Types of Nach E-Mandate 

There are two types of Nach E- Mandate which are NACH Debit and NACH Credit

NACH DebitNACH Credit
NACH debit is intended to simplify for organisations the process of collecting recurring payments like EMIs, invoices, etc. It facilitates the automatic deduction of funds from a sizable group of clients in a single settlement. NACH debit transactions can also be tracked by organisations online.Businesses can make sizeable deposits directly into the bank accounts of a significant group of recipients using NACH credit. The high-value transactions carried out via a single system are under the management of a unit. The NACH credit facility can be used by corporations and other major organisations to pay out salaries, interest, etc

Uses of Nach E-Mandates

Nach E-Mandates have various applications and are commonly used in situations where recurring payments are involved. Some common examples include:

  • Subscription services: E-Mandates are frequently used by subscription-based businesses such as streaming platforms, online magazines, or software-as-a-service providers to automatically collect payments from customers on a regular basis.
  • Utilities and bills: E-Mandates are utilized by utility companies, telecommunications providers, and other service providers to collect payments for monthly bills or usage-based charges.
  • Memberships and associations: Organizations, clubs, and associations often use E-Mandates to collect membership fees or recurring dues from their members.
  • Loan repayments: Financial institutions may employ E-Mandates to facilitate automatic loan repayments, ensuring timely deductions from the borrower’s bank account.

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How does Nach E Mandate work 

The NACH will help everyone who pays a lot of money each month. The customer must sign the NACH mandate form in order to let a collection agency regularly withdraw money from the client’s bank account. Once the mandate has been verified, it is sent to the customer’s bank to make EMI payments as straightforward as possible. The three stages of the NACH E-Mandate workflow are as follows:

  • Registration: Mandates are created and registered in the manner previously mentioned.
  • Presentation of the balance sheet: The NPCI receives a document containing all of the debit information, and the destination banks fulfil the payment contingent upon the availability of money.
  • Transfer of funds: NPCI will complete the settlements between the sponsor and the destination bank as part of the clearing procedure. After that, the destination bank transfers the funds to the creditor.

Charges of NACH E- Mandate PRODUCTS

The charges for using various Nach E-Mandate products are listed below. Here, ACH stands for Automated Clearing House.

  • ACH Pungrain- INR 0.20
  • ACH Debit- INR 0.20
  • ACH 306 (migrate)- INR 0.20

What is the difference Between NACH  and ECS

National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Electronic Clearing System (ECS)
These are systems that are computer-aided and web-based.A manual process that takes time is necessary for an ECS transaction.
There isn’t much paperwork involved in the NACH application procedure. Due to heavy red tape, many ECS applications are denied. 
The settlement of NACH payments is done on a daily basis.The processing of ECS payments can take up to four days.
The NACH has a procedure in place to handle disagreements.ECS lacks access to specialised dispute resolution services.
The NACH registration is completed before the day’s end.The time it takes to finish the ECS registration process ranges from 25 to 30 days.

 List of Members of Nach E- Mandate 

  • Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda 
  • Central Bank of India 
  • Axis Bank 
  • HDFC Bank 
  • City Bank
  • Yes Bank 
  • Union Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank 

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Cancellation of Nach E- Mandate 

It describes the method of getting rid of automatic debit transactions connected to a user’s account. If your company needs to collect payments automatically through a NACH mandate, you must provide your clients with the choice to revoke the mandate.

NACH E Mandate Registration Process

  • Your Loan Account Number 
  • Your Application Number’s Registered Mobile Number
  • IFSC code and the debit bank account number
  • Option for Mandate Approval through Debit OR Internet Banking

NACH E Mandate Cancellation Process

  • Your Loan Account Number or Your Application Number’s Registered Mobile Number
  • Reason for Requesting NACH Cancellation
  • Based on the terms and conditions of the customer’s loan repayment, Belstar may decide to take the eNACH Mandate Cancellation request under consideration.
  • The customer will receive an SMS with confirmation of the final Mandate Cancellation status.


Q1. What is the NACH mandate meaning?

Ans. Authorization to debit or credit funds that a customer provides to a corporate entity or financial institution.

Q2. What is the NACH mandate for a loan?

Ans. The money-collection agency is authorised by the consumer to periodically withdraw money from his bank account for a predetermined length of time.

Q3. What is NACH payment?

Ans. Using NACH Credit, institutions can electronically pay a huge number of people for dividends, interest, salaries, and pensions.

This was all about Nach E-Mandate: Meaning, Cancellation, Process, Uses, For any Student Loan, Bank Account or Money related queries, contact Fly. Finance Team.

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