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Never before has it been so simple to transfer money from India to Australia. As one of the most often used methods of money transfer, you can send a wire transfer to Australia. If you send money directly through banks, you will have to pay an additional 2% of the total amount. You can send money to Australia as soon as possible with wire transfers.

For those who have never done it before, transferring money from India to Australia may seem like a daunting task, but when done through the right platform, it’s really simple.

Both exhilaration and worry are common when relocating to another country. Indians have immigrated in great numbers to Australia in recent years, whether it be for employment, study, residency, or personal reasons. For a variety of reasons, including the upkeep of your relatives, the education of your children, or medical costs, you can easily transfer money from India to Australia online. Demand draughts or online wire transfers can be used to transmit Australian dollars.

Money Transfer Methods between India and Australia

There are two methods available for sending money to Australia:

  • Online wire transfers, first (Swift Transfers)
  • Drafts on demand (money orders)

Online Wire Transfers

An online wire transfer is an electronic method of transferring money from one person to another. In transferring money the bank acts as a middleman. 

Demand Drafts

Demand drafts are a method used to transfer money from one account to another. It is a prepaid instrument that does not require a signature. 

Steps to Transfer Money From India To Australia

You may send money securely and conveniently from India to Australia. You can instantly transfer money from India to Australia to your loved ones by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: To send money, you must first choose your city and the nation you wish to send it to, followed by the amount. You can proceed with the order procedure after clicking “Book this Order.”

Step 2: The next step is to verify the sender’s information using an Aadhar card and a PAN card.

Step 3: You must confirm your eligibility after stating the reason for your remittance.

Step 4: After that, you must provide a minimal set of documents, such as a photo and a document proving the sender’s address. Depending on the reason for the transfer, additional acceptable documents such as a voter card, passport, and Aadhar card may also be needed.

Step 5: In order to continue, you must provide the beneficiary’s information, which includes name, address, bank name, routing number, bank address, account number, and Swift code. After that, the sender’s savings bank account can now be used to make an online transfer of the money.

Step 6: A declaration page will appear on your screen. Your email and mobile number will receive an OTP to verify your consent.

Step 7: Before continuing, make sure you have read the order information. The payments can then be made using Net Banking, NEFT, or RTGS.

Step 8: You will receive a summary of the Order Confirmation. The only thing left for you to do is review the remittance application form that was given to your registered email address and digitally submit it to us. You will get a SWIFT acknowledgement once the partner bank has processed the transfer.

Things to Consider when Sending Money from India to Australia

You must consider the following things when transferring Money from India to Australia:

  • The most crucial factor to take into account is exchange rates. The relative cost of one currency in relation to another is known as an exchange rate (or a group of currencies). The currency rate is important because Australia’s international trade industry is quite active. 
  • It’s crucial to pick a remittance service provider that offers consumers a seamless and secure experience while also making sure that remittances are sent exclusively through reputable and recognised banking institutions.
  • A wire transfer can be quick, practical, and simple to start, but there is a cost involved. In contrast to banks.
  • When sending money overseas, it’s crucial to use a service provider with top-notch customer care.

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Q1. What is one of the best ways to transfer money from India to Australia?

Ans. To transfer money from  India to Australia, Online wire transfers are the best way.

Q2. How much it costs to transfer money from India to Australia?

Ans. The average fee of INR 133.90 + 2.01% of the amount that’s converted is charged when transferring money from India to Australia.

Q3. Which is the best app to transfer money abroad from India?

Ans. Fly Finance is the best app to transfer money abroad from India. You can send money in less than 10 minutes and get cheaper exchange rates.

Sending money from India to Australia has been a difficult process for some people. Hope this blog post has helped you get the required information about how to transfer money from India to Australia. Reach out to Fly Finance Experts to know more about International Money transfers.

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