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Fees for transfers start at AUD$6, and you can send money abroad using NetBank or the CommBank app. CommBank has waived the fee for you for transfers from your AUD account to the South Pacific currencies FJD, PGK, SBD, VUV, and XPF. Want to send money to friends and family abroad for a special occasion or to pay for recurring costs? Need to pay a bill or invoice from abroad? From the CommBank app, NetBank, or at your nearby branch, you can send an International Money Transfer (IMT) in more than 30 different currencies to more than 200 different countries.

International Money Transfer

Send money to more than 200 countries quickly, easily, and securely using more than 30 different currencies. Because the transfer is made through the global banking system into your recipient’s bank account, your money is secure. Online through NetBank, through the CommBank app, or in any branch, you can send an international money transfer.

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How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money?

Below mentioned is the time taken to transfer money:

Other instant transfers, Including PayID

Most transfers to a BSB and account number, including PayID transfers, are typically processed instantly or in a matter of minutes. However, as a security measure, initial transfers and some other transfers might be delayed for 24 hours. Once you make the transfer, your account balance and available balance will be updated right away in NetBank. 

Transfers to Accounts That You Have Access rights to 

First-time transfers to or from a linked account that you have access to but that belongs to someone else or an entity (such as a business account or an account used by your parents or legal guardians, a power of attorney, etc.) may take the following forms:

  • For transfers made before 7.30 p.m. AEST, 24 hours
  • For transfers made at or after 7.30 pm AEST, allow 24-48 hours.

International Money Transfers (IMT)

An IMT is typically processed in 3 business days, but it could take longer depending on the recipient’s nation and bank. Any transfers that are made over the weekend, on a holiday, or after the currency cut-off time will be processed the next business day.

Fees and Charges for International CBA Bank Money Transfer

Below mentioned are the fees and charges for international CBA Bank money transfers:

Additional Fee to cover correspondent bank fees

We pay for this service and use correspondent banks to process IMTs. We will cover these correspondent bank fees for cross-currency IMTs when you send an IMT through NetBank, the CommBank app, or the in-branch.  When you send a cross-currency IMT using CommBiz, we’ll cover any correspondent bank fees (Japanese Yen excluded).

Using a Foreign Currency Account to Send an IMT

When using CommBiz or in-branch, you can choose to pay an extra fee when sending the same currency transfers (for example, sending an IMT using your GBP account to a GBP account overseas). The available currencies and associated fees are listed in the table below. The costs listed below do not include any additional fees that the beneficiary’s bank may have incurred.

Details You Might Need to Provide to Your Payer

It’s likely that your payer will ask you to provide the following details in order to ensure that payments from abroad are made to you promptly and without any delays:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia is its full name.
  • CTBAAU2S is the BIC/SWIFT code
  • Your account number is 14 digits and is 06XXXX-XXXXXXXXX.
  • Simply entering your login information into NetBank or the CommBank app will yield your account number.
  • IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. Australia doesn’t use IBANs, but some other countries’ payers might ask you for one. If they do, combine your BSB and account number without using any spaces or hyphens.

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Issued via NetBank or the CommBank app. Funds debited from an AUD account and converted to foreign currency. Fee waived for IMTs sent in FJD, PGK, SBD, VUV, and XPF.$6.00 (INR 494) per transfer
Issued via NetBank or the CommBank app. Funds debited from a Foreign Currency Account.$22.00 (INR 1,812) per transfer
Amendment to payment instruction, i.e. beneficiary, bank, address when requested by the customer, or where the overseas bank is unable to process the payment on original instruction.$25.00 (INR 2,060) per request plus overseas bank costs
Issued via a branch$30.00 (INR 2,472) per transfer
Issued via NetBank or the CommBank app. Funds are debited and credited in AUD currency (no FX conversion).$22.00 (INR 1,812)  per transfer
Issued via CommBiz$6.00 (INR 494) per transfer
Cancellation and request for funds to be returned$25.00 (INR 2,060)per request plus overseas bank costs
Investigation of sent International Money Transfer $25.00 (INR 2,060) per investigation includes any subsequent follow-up request

How to Use CBA Bank Money Transfer for Sending Money Abroad?

You can send money quickly and securely using more than 30 currencies via an International Money Transfer (IMT) in NetBank, the CommBank app, or at the branch closest to you.

 To send to a NetBank or CommBank app account number:

  • Start by logging into NetBank, selecting Transfers and BPAY, and then International Money Transfer.
  • You can also log in to the CommBank app, select Pay Someone, Overseas transfer, or “+” to pay a new recipient, and then select someone in your international address book.
  • Select the nation of travel.
  • Include the recipient’s information
  • Make sure the information you entered is accurate.

CBA Bank Money Transfer Internationally

To send money to a beneficiary’s bank account in more than 30 different currencies, sign in to NetBank or CommBiz.

  • Payment is sent digitally in the form of cleared funds.
  • Typically, your beneficiary receives the funds in two to three business days.
  • Due to time zone differences, there are currency cut-off times that determine whether a payment can be postponed to the following day.
  • There are extended cut-off times available, enabling later payments to still be sent on the same day.
  • The beneficiary’s country’s domestic laws and specific bank policies will determine how the funds are received.
  • For certain currencies, CommBiz allows users to pay an extra fee to cover correspondent banks’ fees for same-currency transactions.
  • For IMTs sent in a few currencies where the debit account is in a currency other than the payment currency (cross-currency IMT), the Bank will pay the correspondent bank fees. The payment may still be subject to fees assessed by the beneficiary bank.

CBA Bank Money Transfer Receiving International Payments

One of the following procedures can be used to process overseas payments:

  • Payments will only be credited to the account that the remitter specifies, per his or her instruction.
  • The card rate will be applied to sums less than or equal to A$250,000 if the payment is made in a foreign currency and the account being credited is denominated in a different currency.
  • For sums greater than A$250,000, a dealer’s rate will be applied if the payment is made in a foreign currency and the account to be credited is in a different one.
  • Before international payments are processed, you must submit:
  • SWIFT code for CommBank is CTBAAU2S.
  • Account name, address, and 14-digit account number
  • When sending or receiving international money transfers, as well as when requesting information, canceling an order, or making an amendment, there are fees and charges.
  • To receive money from abroad in a different way, you can open a foreign currency account that will:
  • Permit you to keep money in the transferred currency
  • Give you the option to hold the money or convert it as you see fit.

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Things to Keep in Mind for CBA Bank Money Transfer

  • There is no daily transfer gap between your CommBank accounts, but other transfers have a daily cap.
  • Maximum of $20,000 to unlinked accounts
  • International money transfer of no more than $5,000
  • You can raise your daily transfer cap in NetBank or by going to Settings > Payment limits in the CommBank mobile app. Your liability for unauthorized transactions may increase if you increase your daily limits.
  • Your transfer may be processed with a slight delay on public holidays or weekends.


How much money can be transferred from CBA?

$5,000 for international money transfers from CBA Bank.

What is the SWIFT Code for CBA Bank?

The SWIFT code for CBA bank is CTBAAU2S. 

Why is the CBA transaction pending?

Before making an online payment, it makes sure that your card is valid and that you have enough money to pay. 

We have covered everything about CBA Bank Money Transfers! Hope you received better insights. Reach out to Fly.Finance for better guidance. For more study abroad needs, you can contact Leverage Edu.  

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