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A Wing international money transfer can be processed through the Wing Bank mobile bank and offices of Wing agents. To send money internationally through these options, this Cambodia-based financial institution has partnered with numerous international remittance service providers such as Western Union. To transfer money, senders must fill out the accurate details of beneficiaries. All overseas transactions are processed instantly. Beneficiaries can either cash out the remitted money with an agent or get it deposited directly into their bank accounts. The bank also allows special outward remittance facilities to 42 countries of Oceania, Asia, the UK, and the EU with its Merchantrade Asia (MTA) service. 

Wing International Money Transfer: Outward Remittance

Wing Bank has collaborated with several service providers to enable its customers to send outward remittances via Wing Bank Mobile App or Wing Bank Agent. Senders can select delivery options such as bank deposit, cash pick up, and home delivery for recipients residing in a foreign nation. Beneficiaries can cash out the transferred money at Wing agents with the logo of partners. 

Wing Bank Mobile App

A resident of Cambodia can make a Wing international money transfer with the partners on the Wing Bank App by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log in to their Wing Bank account using Wing Bank App
  • Choose the “World Transfer” option on the home screen
  • Choose the foreign country to which the transfer needs to be made
  • Select the international money transfer partner of Wing Bank
  • Enter details in all mandatory fields
  • Tap on the “Send” option
  • Review the details of the beneficiary and transfer amount and click on “Confirm”
  • Enter your PIN code (4-digit) to finish the transfer
  • The bank will send a pop-up displaying “Successful Transaction”. With this, the international transfer will be processed and money will be credited to the recipient bank.

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Wing Bank Agent

Another option to send money internationally via Wing Bank is through Wing Agents, who are present in nearly 5,000 locations spread all over the world. Here are the steps to transfer funds abroad through the service providers at Wing Agent:

  • Visit Wing agents with the logo of partner service providers
  • Customers must produce their Standard Wing Bank Account details to nearby agents
  • Fill out the mandatory details in the form provided by the agent
  • Enter your PIN Code (4 digits) on the point-of-sale (POS) machine at the agent’s office. With this, the outward remittance will be processed.
  • Agents provide transaction receipts to senders. These receipts have reference codes which are used by beneficiaries to cash out. 

Wing International Money Transfer: Inward Remittance

To receive a Wing international money transfer, beneficiaries can either use the Wing Bank app or visit a Wing Agent. 

Wing Bank App

Here are the steps to receive inward remittances through the mobile banking app of Wing Bank:

  • Beneficiaries need to log in to the Wing Bank app using their credentials
  • Tap on the “Code to Wing” option on the home page
  • Choose the service-providing partner
  • Select the Wing Bank Account to which inward remittance has been made.
  • Enter the reference number
  • Fill out all the required fields and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Now click on “Send”.
  • Input the PIN code to receive the inward remittance into your Wing bank account.

Wing Agent

The beneficiary can cash out an inward international money transfer at any nearby Wing agent by producing the listed documents:

  • National identity card/Driving license/Passport
  • Proof of the name of the beneficiary. The name should match with the name provided by the sender.
  • Reference Code

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Transaction Limit

The transaction limit for a Wing international money transfer is USD 500 per transaction. A sender can make only one outward remittance each day. 

Transaction Fees

The Wing Bank does not charge any fees on outward remittances made through Wing Bank mobile app on Tuesdays. 

Processing Time

Both outward and inward remittances are processed instantly. As soon as senders click “Confirm” on the Wing Bank app, the money is processed within 60 seconds. Receivers can remit the money immediately as soon as they receive the money. 

Merchantrade Asia (MTA)

One of the distinct features of the Wing International money transfer service is MTA, a remittance service designed for 42 nations. Customers of Wing Bank can use MTA service on the mobile app of this Cambodian bank or at any agent of the financial institution. 

List of Countries

People of Cambodia can send money to the below-mentioned countries through MTA:

AsiaOceaniaEuropean Union & United Kingdom
India; Nepal; Thailand; Singapore; Vietnam; Indonesia; China; South Korea; the Philippines; Malaysia; JapanAustraliaUK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland); Austria; Monaco; Croatia; Latvia; Belgium; Lithuania; Italy; Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Ireland; Cyprus; Liechtenstein; Bulgaria; Malta; Switzerland; Denmark; Sweden; Iceland; Spain; Hungary; Slovenia; Greece; Slovakia; France; San Marino; Finland; Romania; Estonia; Portugal; Netherlands; Poland; Norway

Steps to Make the Wing International Money Transfer to MTA Countries

To send money via the MTA feature, senders need to follow the instructions listed below:

  • They/she/he needs to log in to their/her/his Wing Bank mobile app.
  • Tap on the “World Transfer” option.
  • Choose the MTA country.
  • Select the “Merchantrade Asia” option.
  • Input all the required details and then click on “Send”.
  • Review the details of the recipient and tap on “Confirm”.
  • Fill in your 4-digit PIN Code.
  • Money will be remitted as soon as the “Transfer Successful” pops up on the home screen of the app. 

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Transfer Limit

Given below are the transaction limit for money transfer via MTA on the Wing app and Wing agent:

Transaction TypesPer Day LimitPer Transaction Limit
Wing Bank Mobile AppUSD 5,000USD 2,500
Wing AgentUSD 5,000USD 1,000

Transfer Fees

The transfer fees are dynamic. It depends on the recipient country. 


How can I send money internationally through Wing?

Wing Bank customers can send money internationally through Wing mobile app and Wing agents. 

Which countries are included under Wing Bank MTA?

42 countries come under the umbrella of Wing Bank MTA. These countries are spread across Asia, Oceania, European Union and the United Kingdom

What is the transaction limit of Wing International’s monetary transfer?

The transaction limit for a Wing Bank overseas money transfer is USD 500 per transaction. A sender can make only one outward remittance each day. 

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