Bank Muscat International Transfer Vs. M&T Bank International Transfer- What Should You Choose?

Bank Muscat International Transfer Vs. M&T Bank International Transfer

Bank Muscat International Transfer Vs. M&T Bank International Transfer: While making any International Money Transfer, we often calculate the advantages and disadvantages before choosing any particular bank. Bank Muscat and M&T Bank are two of the most trusted banks internationally for money transfers. While Bank Muscat is an Oman-based financial institution carrying out transactions to nearly 200 countries; M&T Bank, founded in 1856, is a leading US-based bank that offers swift international wire transfer services to its customers.

In this blog, we aim to understand the services offered by these two financial institutions, the differences between the two in terms of international money transfers, and the reasons behind choosing one vis-a-vis the other. 

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Bank Muscat International Transfer

Bank Muscat carries out international fund transfers through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecom (SWIFT) transfer network. Any account holder of this bank can transfer funds internationally through Internet banking or by using the ‘BM Remit App’, the mobile banking app of Bank Muscat. Apart from Oman, the bank also has branches in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; and operates representative offices in the UAE, Iran, and Singapore. The bank also provides fast delivery services for its allies – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. 

Bank Muscat provides three types of outward remittances: instant international fund transfers, one-time future-date fund transfers, and recurring standing instruction fund transfers.

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Reasons to Choose Bank Muscat for International Wire Transfer

  • The bank provides ‘Speed Transfer Remittance’ services to a few Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
  • Immediate Payment Service of Bank Muscat can be used to transfer money swiftly from Oman to India.
  • Immediate transfers can be done even on bank holidays.
  • Students can transfer up to INR 2 Lakh from Bank Muscat to India through its ‘Speed Transfer Service’.

M&T Bank International Transfer

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M&T Bank also uses the SWIFT network to facilitate international wire transfers. The SWIFT network is a global network of banks and financial institutions used to carry out safe and seamless international transactions worldwide. For international wire transfers, a nominal fee may be applicable, and the processing time for the same may vary depending on the country to which the money is being transferred, and also on the recipient’s bank. 

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Reasons to Choose M&T Bank for International Wire Transfer

  • M&T Bank offers competitive exchange rates for international wire transfers that help in saving money on currency conversions.
  • The bank provides prompt, accessible, and informative customer service support through its branches, mobile banking app, and customer service phone lines.
  • The time taken by M&T Bank to process international wire transfers is less, making it easier to quickly transfer money to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Customers are provided with detailed information about the fees charged on international wire transfers, thus making them aware of the fee structures and facilitating an informed decision-making approach.

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Bank Muscat vs. M&T Bank

  • While Bank Muscat provides ‘Speed Transfer Remittance’ to a few Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, M&T Bank has no such feature. So, if you are transferring money to any of the above-mentioned countries, Bank Muscat can be your preferred choice.
  • M&T Bank provides a huge variety of checking and savings account choices along with countless investment options and certificates of deposits. Bank Muscat, on the other hand, offers limited alternatives on this front.
  • If you are residing in Oman, then Bank Muscat should be a natural choice for international money transfers due to its efficient ‘expat services’. These services focus on sending remittances to countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Bangladesh within a short time frame.
  • For students studying in USA, M&T Bank is a good option due to its widespread presence across different states. Some checking accounts offered by M&T Bank allow customers a waiver of incoming wire transfer fees.


Do Both Bank Muscat and M&T Bank charge fees on international money transfers?

A nominal fee is charged by both banks on international wire transfers. This fee varies depending on the destination country, currency exchange rates, and the amount being transferred.

Which bank should be chosen between Bank Muscat and M&T Bank for international wire transfers?

Both banks provide a seamless and secure framework for international wire transfers and offer competitive currency exchange rates. Hence, choosing your preferred bank would largely depend on your location.

How many branches do Bank Muscat and M&T Bank have?

M&T Bank has 1000+ branches in 12 states across the United States, while Bank Muscat has 150+ branches in Oman, branches in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and representative offices in the UAE, Iran, and Singapore.

Overall, both banks offer a plethora of top-notch services to their customers. M&T Bank offers a variety of credit cards based on different user requirements and financial profiles. It also provides different types of checking and savings accounts. 

On the other hand, Bank Muscat is the largest financial institution in Oman and provides a contextual and personalised experience to its customers. Though Bank Muscat and M&T Bank have some similar features in terms of accessibility, fees, and services, choosing one over the other would largely depend on your location. 

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