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Education loans are crucial in the lives of those who wish to pursue higher education or who want to study abroad but are held back from doing so by a lack of funds. The Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation Department of the Government of Gujarat is putting an array of initiatives into place for the ST category of the state. The advantages of the Videsh Abhyas Loan Sahay for Scheduled Tribes, under which the government provides loans to ST caste children for studying abroad, will be highlighted in this article.

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Benefits Videsh Abhyas Loan

The Tribal Development Department offers students from Scheduled Tribes a loan of 15 lakh rupees as part of this aid programme so they can pursue higher education overseas. In which indigenous youngsters who desire to study abroad are granted 15 lakh rupees. The student whose cost of training and education is lower will be made accessible to the students in this loan. No interest is charged on loans. whereas the loan for 15 lakhs has a modest interest rate of only 4%.

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Eligibility Criteria for Videsh Abhyas Loan

  • The student must be a citizen of Gujarat.
  • The yearly earnings of the household should be less than Rs. 6 lacks.
  • The candidate must provide an offer letter from a foreign university or college.
  • Only if the loan amount surpasses 10 lakhs will a subsidy be given.

Documents Required for Videsh Abhyas Loan

Only those students who meet all of the government’s requirements will be deemed eligible to receive aid, and they must provide all of the necessary supporting documentation.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Living Certificate (LC)
  • Scheduled Tribe Certificate of Beneficiary Student
  • Ration card
  • Passbook for the beneficiary student’s bank account
  • Certificates for the recipient student’s Class 10 and Class 12 grades
  • Consent document from the recipient student’s parents
  • Form of Beneficiary Student Consent
  • If both of them are partners in the Zamindar’s property, specifics of the beneficiary student
  • Proof of possessions submitted by the beneficiary student, such as Forms 7/12 and 8/A
  • An illustration of a beneficiary student and zamindar-1 document is 7/12 and 8/A, as well as a property card or building document.
  • Examples of beneficiary students and zamindar-2 documents include 7/12 and 8/A, as well as property cards and building documents.
  • Landlord’s affidavit on 300 rupee stamp paper
  • Property valuation report prepared by Sarkar Shri and submitted by the beneficiary student
  • Passport of the beneficiary student
  • Beneficiary Student Visa
  • University Acceptance Letter
  • Information on the student’s fees paid to the foreign university
  • Details about the college or university’s status as a recognised institution if the student gets accepted to one overseas.


Application Process

Now that you have understood the eligibility and the document requirements, let’s take a look at the education loan application process. In order to apply for Videsh Abhyas Loan, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website
  •  The “Apply for Loan” option is located in the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, on the next page, you may see several loan proposals.
  • Choose “Foreign Study” from the menu.
  • You then need to log in. You must go to the New Register Option if this is your first time applying.
  • After successfully logging in, the student must choose to Apply Now in My Application.
  • Clicking “Study Abroad Loans” will bring you a selection of several loan programmes.
  • After that, the student must complete the online Vidhya Sahay application form with all of their information, including information about their studies, homes, and other facts.
  • Following that, the beneficiary must enter all of his guarantor’s information, loan information, guarantor property information, and bank account information, and submit all necessary papers online.
  • Save your application after finishing the online application procedure, and then submit it.

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Q1: What amount of loan is available in Videsh Abhyas Loan?

Ans: The students who intend to study abroad are provided with a loan under this programme in the amount of 15 lakhs.

Q2: Who is eligible for Videsh Abhyas’s study abroad loan?

Ans: Students who are members of the ST community who wish to pursue an international education are eligible for this loan.

Q3: What is the time frame for repaying study abroad loans?

Ans: This loan must be returned in monthly payments over a period of 60 months following the course’s completion.

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