Commerzbank International Money Transfer

Commerzbank International Money Transfer

Commerzbank is one of the highly regarded and highly opted German banking institutions. Having an experience of more than 150 years, Commerzbank is well-known for offering services in durables extending from private and small businesses to corporate clients across Europe. 

Further, Commerzbank features have developed as one of the most advanced banking platforms, merging into innovating mobile banking groups. If you want to know more about Commerzbank international money transfer, about Commerzbank international money transfer, additional information, transfer fees, exchange rates, and much more, then Keep Reading!

About Commerzbank International Transfer 

Commerzbank has grown tremendously since its establishment and has a remarkable presence throughout Germany and Europe. After merging with Dresdner Bank in 2009, it has managed to look after 30K client groups and over 11 million small business and individual clients. Headquartered in Frankfurt, this organization focuses on combining personal advisory services with quality digital services for its clients. 

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Commerzbank International Transfer Exchange Rates 

GBP to EUR transfers rates as per Commerzbank international transfer is 1.141 EUR (INR 101.97)  whereas EUR to GBP rate is 0.85. However, these Forex rates change daily; thus, checking the Commerzbank international transfer rates is highly recommended. 

Commerzbank international transfers have FX margin rates of approximately 1.5%, which also means that when you send EUR 1000 abroad, your recipient will receive EUR 985 in the currency in which they are receiving the money. In case your recipient receives it in GBP, then this means that they will receive 837.20. 

The knowledge about Commerzbank international transfer exchange rates and transfer fees before pursuing international money transfers provides you with an idea about money spent and money received by the other party. 

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Commerzbank International Transfer Fees 

Commerzbank international transfer fees vary depending upon various things, including recipient currency, the destination country, and the transfer mode. As per the official information provided by Commerzbank international transfer, when transfers are done within Germany to other countries across Europe or (European Economic Area) in Euros or in any other currency:

  • SEPA money transverse is made by telephone, including personal identification number, which means EUR 1.50 for every transfer. 
  • Express transfers done through SEPA transfers orders within Germany cost approximately EUR 11 for every transfer. 

When doing a transfer from Germany to other countries as per European Economic Areas as per the currency of a country outside, including transfers to countries outside EEA or third countries. 

  • When the transferred amount is below EUR 250 (INR 22,341), an additional transaction fee of EUR 10.00 is applicable. 
  • If the amount above EUR 250 is transferred, then the transfer fee is 1.5%.  

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Commerzbank International Transfer Process 

To know more about Commerzbank’s international transfer process, here is a detailed process:

  • If you want to open an account with Commerzbank, you must either apply online or verify your identity. You can also open a bank account personally through Commerzbank branches. 
  • To transfer the money, you must first log in to your Online banking account after choosing one of the online banking accounts for the transfer. 
  • Then you are required to enter the recipient’s full name, the amount to be transferred, and bank details such as IBAN/ SWIFT/ BIC code/ Account Number).
  • After completing the above step, you are required to continue and recipe the whole transfer data. If it is incorrectly entered, you may change the data by selecting the option to edit.
  • Once you are ready, you must confirm your Commerzbank international transfer and enter your TAN before tapping submit. 

About Current Accounts 

Current accounts with Commerzbank international transfer have a monthly maintenance fee of EUR 6.90. However, this current account becomes free of charge when you meet the conditions given below; 

  1. The current account used must be private.
  2. You must note that there is at least a monthly receipt of EUR 700 (INR 62,556). 
  3. The current account is undocumented and used Commerzbank ATMs. 
  4. No deposit fee.


Q.1. How would I actuate worldwide exchanges on Commerzbank?

Ans: Transfers to other nations must be unblocked. Under “Online banking,” select “Change transaction limit for transactions” from the “My online banking” menu under “Forms & Applications.” There is only a German version of the form.

Q.2. How long does it take for a Commerzbank transfer?

Ans: The Commerzbank service will take between 5 and 7 days for your funds to reach the destination bank unless you pay a premium. The transaction is typically completed the same day or the next day by private foreign exchange companies.

Q.3. Is Commerzbank a global financial institution?

Ans: Commerzbank has a significant international presence with offices in 40 countries and a Relationship Management department that operates globally. The interactive world map provides information about Commerzbank’s international locations.

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