How to Spot a Counterfeit 10-Dollar Bill?

How to Spot Counterfeit 10-Dollar Bill

Mike was given two different 10-dollar bills and asked to identify the real and fake ones. He was surprised to know that one of them was a counterfeit 10-dollar bill and was left scratching his head. This is because even after placing them adjacent to each other, he was still unable to identify the fake 10-dollar bill. He questioned if it was possible to spot a counterfeit 10-dollar bill. 

Are you also wondering about the possibility of spotting counterfeit 10-dollar bills? Well, let us help you with the ways to identify 

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Ways to Identify a Counterfeit 10-Dollar Bill 

Counterfeit Dollars can be challenging to identify if an individual is unaware of the security features like the security thread on the bill, type of paper used, watermark, microprinting, colour-shifting technique, and many more. Being known to identify these ways, a person can easily spot a counterfeit 10-dollar bill. Let’s see how- 


Check the Security Thread

The security thread on a counterfeit 10-dollar bill is printed. If you hold the 10-dollar bill up in the light, a real one will be an embedded thread that runs vertically to the right of a 10-dollar bill. It is imprinted with USA TEN and a small flag in an alternate pattern. This thread won’t be visible on both sides of a counterfeit 10-dollar bill. The security thread also glows orange when illuminated by an ultraviolet light. 

Check the Watermark

In a real 10-dollar bill, one can notice the faint image of Secretary Hamilton in the blank space in the top right corner of the note. The visibility is clear on both sides of the bill. However, counterfeiters cannot replicate the image of Hamilton in a counterfeit 10-dollar bill. 

Check the Numeral 10

The numeral 10 in the bottom right corner of the bill will show a colour-shifting feature. On tilting the counterfeit 10-dollar bill, the copper number 10 won’t change to green, unlike the real one. 

Similarly, one can spot a counterfeit 100-dollar bill. However, there are other features to look for when identifying the same. You can check those features and tips in detail in our blog. 

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Other Ways To Check Counterfeit 10-Dollar Bill

Looking at the security thread, watermark and number 10 at the bottom of a 10-dollar bill can easily help in the identification of a counterfeit 10-dollar bill. However, let’s have a look at additional ways to check if a 10-dollar bill is fake or real. 

  • A real 10-dollar bill has a series of years 2004A, 2006, 2009, and 2013. 
  • Using a magnifying glass, you can notice the micro-printed text on the real 10-dollar bill. It says THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TEN DOLLARS USA below the portrait and inside note borders. 
  • The texture of raised printing can be felt on a real dollar bill. This shows that it is a genuine Federal Reserve note. 

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FAQs on counterfeit 10-dollar bills

How do you tell if a $10 bill is counterfeit?

Check the security thread with an alternate pattern of USA TEN and a small flag to check if a $10 bill is counterfeit. You can also see it glowing orange when illuminated by UV light. A counterfeit 10-dollar bill will not show these features. 

How can you tell if a 1950 ten-dollar bill is real?

A portrait of Alexander Hamilton would feature on the front of a 1950 10-dollar bill. The back side of it would show the US Treasury Building. 

What does a $10 bill look like?

A $10 bill has background colours of orange, yellow, and red. It features a portrait of Secretary Hamilton on the front and a large green number 10 on the back to help visually impaired people identify the denomination. 

Whose face is on the $10 bill?

Secretary Alexander Hamilton is the face of a 10-dollar bill. He served as the first secretary of the United States Department of Treasury. 

What do I do with a counterfeit 10-dollar bill?

Producing or keeping counterfeit currency is an offence. One must report it to the local U.S. Secret Service field office. If you can’t visit the office, you can visit the Secret Service website and complete the Counterfeit Note Report. 

This was all about counterfeit 10-dollar bills and identifying them. Different ways to spot a fake 10-dollar bill is by checking the security features like if the security thread is embedded or printed. One can also check the changing ink of the thread to orange in UV light and the number 10 changing from copper to green. A counterfeit 10-dollar bill won’t have Alexander Hamilton’s watermark on both sides of the note. Thus, by following these steps, you can identify counterfeit dollars and always remember to report them if you are suspicious of fake dollar bills. 

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