List of Cheapest Courses for International Students in Canada

Cheapest Courses for International Students in Canada
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Study-abroad expenses in Canada are high as it is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. However, Canada is comparatively cheaper than the UK, the USA, or Australia. The average tuition fee in the country ranges from CAD 21,000 to CAD 31,600 per year (INR 13 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs per year) for international students planning to study in Canada. There are a number of universities offering the cheapest courses in Canada. Let’s explore some of the cheapest courses for international students to pursue their global dreams. 

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Cheapest Courses for International Students in Canada

Many international Universities offer the cheapest courses for global students like courses in Business Management, Science, Engineering and Technology. Other popular and cheapest courses like Masters in Computer Science, Public Health, Psychology, and Computer Science are also offered in Canada. The quality of education, low tuition fee expenses, and comfort of living in Canada attract a pool of international students to pursue these cheapest undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Let’s have a look at the list of cheapest courses and the approximate tuition fees. 

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Cheapest UG Courses for International Students in Canada

Canada offers a wide range of undergraduate programs for students to pick from. Pursuing UG from a Canadian University provides scope for experiential learning and post-study work opportunities. Compared to other developed countries, the cost of studying is also affordable. The list below helps you get a gist of average tuition fees at different universities and the cheapest UG courses to pursue in Canada. 

Cheapest UG Courses for International Students in CanadaTuition Fees (Yearly)(CAD & INR)University 
Business Management
Creative Arts
CAD 3905- CAD 8500 
(INR 2.42 lakhs- INR 5.28 lakhs)
Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada
B.B.A. Business Management
B.B.A. Human Resource Management
B.B.A. Accounting
B.S. Mathematics
B.S Biology
B.A Psychology
CAD 15000- CAD 18000
(INR 9.31 lakhs- INR 11.18 lakhs) 
Canadian Mennonite University, Manitoba, Canada
Business Administration
Human Resource
B.Sc Nursing
B.A English
CAD 8600- CAD 11000
(INR 5.34 lakhs- INR 6.28 lakhs)
Memorial College of Newfoundland, St. Johns, Canada
B. Music
B.Sc Anthropology
CAD 7600- CAD 8600
(INR 4.72 lakhs- INR 5.34 lakhs)
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
B.Sc in Nursing
B.A Computer Science
B.Bus Tourism and Hospitality
CAD 6900- CAD 10870
(INR 4.28 lakhs- INR 6.81 lakhs)
University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada
B.A Economics
B.A English
B.A Psychology
B.S Astrophysics
CAD 13000- CAD 14000
(INR 8.07 lakhs- INR 8.69 lakhs)
Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia, Canada
B.A Economics and Politics 
B.A Philosophy 
B.S Mathematics 
B.A Criminology
CAD 14700- CAD 25000
(INR 9.13 lakhs- INR 15.5 lakhs)
University of Laval, Quebec, Canada

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Cheapest PG Courses for International Students in Canada

Many international students opt for PG courses in Canada because Canadian Universities offer immense career advancement opportunities. The country’s high standards of living make them want to invest in pursuing a PG education in Canada. A look at the table given below will help you get an idea of the cheapest PG courses to study in Canada.  

Cheapest PG Courses for International Students in CanadaTuition Fees (Yearly)(CAD & INR)University 
M.Sc Computer Science
Masters of Public Administration
Masters of Public HealthMaster of Counselling PsychologyMaster of Mechanical Engineering
CAD 9000- CAD 30000
(INR 5.599 lakhs- INR 18.6 lakhs)
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
M.S Computing Science
M.B.AMS Finance
M.A Psychology
M.A Sociology
M.Sc Health Sciences
M.Sc Applied and Computational Mathematics
CAD 21000- CAD 30000
(INR 13 lakhs to 18.6 lakhs)
Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada
M.S Mathematics 
M.S Kinesiology
M.A History 
M.A Sociology
CAD 23000- CAD 27000
(INR 14.2 lakhs- INR 16.7 lakhs)
Nipissing University, Ontario, Canada
Master of Education
M.Ed Counselling Psychology
MA Economics
CAD 10000- CAD 50000
(INR 6.22 lakhs- INR 31 lakhs)
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
M.Ed Educational TechnologyCAD 20500
(INR- 12.7 lakhs)
Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada
M.S Computer Science
M.Eng Mechanical Engineering
M.S Finance 
M.A Economics
CAD 9500- CAD 35000
(INR 5.65 lakhs- INR 21.7 lakhs)
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
M.Eng Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Master of Social Work
M.Sc Computer Science
M.Eng Computing and Software
M. Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering
CAD 23000- CAD 53000
(INR 14.26 lakhs- 32.87 lakhs)
Mc Master University, Ontario, Canada 

FAQs on Cheapest Courses for International Students in Canada

What are the cheapest courses to study in Canada?

Some of the cheapest courses to study in Canada are business administration, business management, accounting, psychology, finance, and arts. 

Which college has the lowest fees in Canada for international students?

The university that offers the lowest fees in Canada are Brandon University, the University of Manitoba, the University of Saskatchewan, and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Can I study in Canada for 10 lakhs?

The average tuition fee ranges from CAD 21,000 to CAD 31,600 per year (INR 13 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs) for international students planning to study in Canada. Plus, studying there also involves accommodation, travelling, and other miscellaneous expenses making it difficult to study in 10 lakhs. 

Which is the most demanded course in Canada?

The most demanded courses in Canada are MBA programs, medical programs, economics programs, engineering programs, business management programs, finance and accounting programs, and computer science and IT programs.

How much bank balance is required for Canada?

The minimum bank balance required to get a visa permit is CAD 10000. You also must show your ability to pay for everyday living expenses. 

This was all about the list of the cheapest courses for international students in Canada. With over 6 lakh international students enrolling every year, Canada is an excellent place offering quality education at affordable costs. Compared to the cost of education in the UK and the US, Canada provides comparatively cheaper education. 

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