What is an Educational Sponsorship? A Complete Guide! 

What is an Educational Sponsorship? A Complete Guide!

Educational sponsorship is a fund given to support an educational event, person, or organization. Examples include a sponsor contributing to an educational event. Educational sponsorship is a matter of mutual benefit. Thus, in this scenario, the sponsor receives brand exposure. Another example is sponsoring the education of a student. In this case, the government will provide a rebate on taxes to an educational programme/research. Keep reading to learn more about educational sponsorship, its benefits and how to find an educational sponsor.

Difference Between an Educational Sponsorship and Scholarship 

Although the terms are used interchangeably, educational sponsorship and scholarships are different. Scholarships are granted by universities or the government to assist a student to complete their education. There are mainly two types of scholarships: merit-based scholarships and scholarships granted on the basis of the economic need of the student. Scholarships cover the tuition fees of the student, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses. Under scholarships, a student does not need to pay anything back to the student.

On the other hand, it is a fund that is granted to a student or an organization. Educational sponsorship is of mutual benefit. That is, the company offering the scholarship might provide something in return. It is usually in the form of brand building.

Benefits of Educational Sponsorship 

Educational sponsorships are beneficial to the sponsors and the students. The following are the benefits of it.

  • Educational sponsorship is a way of securing funds for students as well as communities. For example, the student organizations that are funded help the community raise more sponsors, attract more members and launch an event.
  • International student scholarships can help students from developing nations to thrive.
  • Companies that sponsor educational activities can gain several benefits. For example, by attending the educational event they sponsored they can hire new talent and can reach a wider audience. Educational sponsorships are also a way to advertise with less money.
  • Additionally, giving back to the community adds to the companies’ corporate social responsibility. Hence, it enhances the reputation of the sponsoring company/institution.

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Types of Educational Scholarship

There are several types of sponsorships for education these are as follows:

  • Corporate educational sponsorship– Several corporations provide educational scholarships to students. It includes companies like Google, Wipro, and IBM.
  • Academia-Industry Partnership for Educational Sponsorship– These scholarships are provided by institutions to provide practical learning for students that will enable them to meet the current industry trends. Sponsorships such as these usually encourage a student to learn a particular program.
  • Educational sponsorship foundations– These include the educational foundations set up by large corporations towards corporate social responsibility. For example, educational foundations for blind students, and educational scholarships for research in human health.
  • Educational Sponsorships Provided by Employers– Corporates and government agencies provide educational scholarships to employees. In this scenario, either leave with no pay or paid leaves are provided to employees. However, the employers usually make the employee sign an agreement that after the completion of studies the employee will return to work. The benefit of such sponsorship is that employers pay tuition fees for the employee either partially, or fully.

Examples of Educational Sponsorship by Companies 

Below is a list of educational sponsorship provided by popular companies around the world.

Company NameEducational Sponsorship
FargoFunded the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute to support black students
MarriottCreated educational opportunities for Chinese workers in the hospitality sector through the J Willard and Alice S. Foundation
Tata BuildingProving citations to the winners of the Tata Building India Online Essay Competition
IBMThough the  KidSmart early learning program encourages the use of technology among students
MicrosoftThe YouthSpark program created educational opportunities for students across the globe

How to Find an Education Sponsor?

(Credit: eduguidea)

Here are the steps students can take to find an educational sponsor.

  • Conduct online research- The first step is to conduct online research on the companies offering such sponsorship. Students can also check out non-profit organizations, and private donors who are willing to provide an educational sponsorship.
  • Reach out to the organization- The next step is to write a persuasive letter to the organization. Students need to include the benefits they will reap with the educational sponsorship in the proposal.
  • Follow Up- Connect with the sponsors to find out the status of your sponsorship. Additionally, the student needs to perform well and strive for academic excellence. Express gratitude and maintain the correspondence. All this will help the student in keeping the sponsorship.

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Tips for a Beneficial Partnership 

Educational sponsorships are beneficial to the students and the sponsors. Here are the tips you can follow for a beneficial partnership.

  • Create an agreement between the educational sponsor and the student. Clear out all the necessary information in the agreement
  • Communicate with the sponsors regularly. The sponsors have to be notified of any last-minute changes.
  • During the event make sure that the educational sponsor is comfortable. For example, offer them refreshments
  • The event marketing strategy has to be discussed with the sponsors. It includes promotional ideas such as the type of media used.
  • Follow through with the agreement and give constructive feedback
  • Lastly, show appreciation to the educational sponsors. Be respectful and open to feedback.

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Q1. What is sponsorship in education?

Ans. Financial aid granted to support an educational event, or program is termed as educational sponsorship. Moreover, educational sponsorships are of mutual benefit. For example, sponsoring a child’s education and getting a rebate on taxes.

Q2. How can I get sponsorship for my education?

Ans. Research online and reach out to businesses or community organizations that are interested in educational sponsorship. Parents can also contact the school to ask about any available programs and partnerships.

Q3. Who can I ask to sponsor me?

Ans. Banks, hotels, grocery chains, insurance companies, food brands, major retailers, and airlines are some of the industries that offer educational sponsorships.

Educational Sponsorships are a great way of securing funds for students. Companies that offer educational sponsorships get benefits such as rebates on taxes. Sponsorships are granted by corporations, foundations, employers, and academic institutions. Reach out to Fly Finance for all finance-related concerns to simplify your study abroad experience with zero hindrances.

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