Study Abroad: Managing Finances While Studying Medicine in Russia in 2023

Study Abroad Managing Finances While Studying Medicine in Russia in 2023
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The average MBBS tuition fee in Russia is around Rubles 2,60,520 to Rubles 6,56,000 per semester. Whereas, the average cost of living in Russia is Rubles 31,262 to Rubles 52,104 per month. Furthermore, the total tuition fees with mess and hostel fees for MBBS in Russia amounts to nearly Rubles 18,88,000 to Rubles 25,85,000. Paying for all the expenses can be overwhelming for overseas students. Thus, it is essential to learn ways of managing finances while studying Medicine in Russia.

The most important step in managing finances is availing of government loans to study abroad. These education loans are available at nationalised banks in India. Some of the most popular government education loans for foreign studies are the SBI Scholar Loan, the SBI Global Ed-Vantage Loan, and the Bank of Baroda Scholar Loan. All these loans are secured loans. 

Additionally, private loans and NBFC education loans are also available for study in Russia students. Prominent lenders of private loans are Prodigy and MoneyPower. Whereas, popular NBFCs for education loans include HDFC Credila, Avanse, and Auxilo.

Managing Finances While Studying Medicine in Russia in 2023

Ways of Managing Finances While Studying Medicine in Russia

Furthermore, MBBS students in Russia can opt for the following methods to manage finances during their studies:

  • Estimate the cost of living and cost of studying in Russia
  • Look out for part-time work opportunities
  • Budgeting
  • Open an international student bank account in Russia
  • Seek financial guidance from experts

Best Medical Schools in Russia

Russia is considered one of the top destinations to study medicine due to the presence of some of the best medical schools in the country. Top medical schools in Russia are:

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