Study Abroad: Better Career Opportunities Stand Tall Against Inflation For Indian International Students


Globally, the top countries for international higher education are the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, and Germany. Indian international students have the highest numbers in population in all these countries. Despite the increase in the size of loan tickets in India for various interrelated reasons, these numbers have been achieved. Indian students looking for global career opportunities have proved that only better quality of education can inevitably fight inflation.

Career Opportunities Driving International Students

An impactful career portfolio is the most important target that international students want to build from studying at global universities. A great career portfolio is key to a great career opportunity. Indian students take inspiration from the Indians who are currently dominating the global business market. It is from this standpoint that they take studying abroad very seriously to grow a strong career portfolio.

The following career opportunities for Indian international students at global universities make them capable to make a mark.

  • Polished quality of international education.
  • Upskilling opportunities.
  • Great faculty members for in-depth knowledge transfer.
  • In-campus career opportunities.
  • Opportunities to work alongside studying abroad.
  • Great global careers after graduating from global universities.

Education Loans For International Students

Globally inflation has hit all industries and markets. As a result, the Indian currency has depreciated and led to a lot of ripple effects in the economy. There are increases in rents, higher tuition fees, and a lack of accommodation spaces as well. International students are supposedly the worst hit financially. However, the numbers of disbursed education loans and loan ticket sizes speak a different story.

Gujarat’s State Level Banker’s Committee (SLBC) states that education loan applications for studying abroad are up by 14%. In the last quarter of FY23, Gujarat alone hosted 3,330 loan applications. The majority of these applications were for studying abroad at global universities. In the same quarter of FY22, the numbers were 2,917. 

The committee reported a 34% increase in loan amount disbursals. These disbursals touched INR 283 crore in this quarter which is shockingly high. The high amounts of ticket sizes are responsible for the total loan budget of Gujarat. Also, the ripple effects of inflation are the reason for the high loan ticket sizes.

International students in India are thus focusing on the career opportunities that studying abroad can offer. While India is capable of creating sustainable loan ticket sizes, meritorious students can take this opportunity to study abroad and create a global career. Leverage Edu is also having its Fly Finance to support Indian international students with loans and financing.

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