How Indian Students Will Be Affected By The Two-Year Cap on International Student Visas?

How Indian Students Will Be Affected By The Two-Year Cap on International Student Visas?

As we are already aware, Canada is going through a housing shortage because of which the Government of Canada is taking adverse steps. The Canadian government has recently announced a two-year cap on new international student visas because of the housing crisis. 

What is the two-year cap announced by the Canadian Government?

IRCC has released information stating that a two-year cap is being imposed on new student visas amidst the ongoing housing crisis. As per data shared by Immigration Minister Marc Miller, the cap imposed for 2024 will allow only 360,000 study permits which leads to a 35% reduction in the new student visas. A reassessment of permits issued for 2025 will also take place. 

As per the Canadian government, each province and territory in the country will be allotted a portion of the total that will be determined by the current student intake and population of that place. Then, the provinces will decide on distributing the permits across the universities and colleges. 

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How will it affect Indian students?

It is significantly going to affect Indians as the Indian students who are planning to study in Canada will face significant difficulty. As per the Hindu, more than India was among the top 10 countries to get study permits in 2022 in Canada, with a total of 3,19,000 students. Around 2.25 lakh Indian students were permitted to study in Canada and nearly 40% of International students in Canada hailed from India. 

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