3 Things you should know if you are planning to study in France: Essential Requirements, Top Universities and other Benefits.

3 Things you should know if you are planning to study in France: Essential Requirements, Top Universities and other Benefits.
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French President Emmanuel Macron recently visited India and announced that he wants to boost ties between the two countries. In order to execute the plan, Macron has announced that France is aiming to welcome at least 30,000 Indian students to the country by 2030. 

Essential Requirements – Visa and Language

As said by Macaron,“We are developing the network of Alliances françaises, with new centers to learn French. We are creating international classes which will allow students, who do not necessarily speak French, to join our universities.”

So, people who do not speak French can also get admission in French universities. 

About Visa, the French president has added that the process would be streamlined for students, and for those who have already studied in France can easily return to the country for job purposes.

A five-year short-stay Schengen Visa is in place for post graduates and the visa process is really simple requiring a moderate amount of fees and a week’s time for all the processing.

If you enroll in a degree at the Doctorate level, the French government will assume most of the cost of your education until you complete your degree programme. Non-EU doctoral students are not subject to new differentiated tuition fees.

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Top Universities

As per the QS University World Ranking 2024 the top five universities in France are – 

1.Université PSL,Paris: Rank: 24. 

Overall score: 85.8

2. Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Palaiseau Cedex: Rank: 38. 

Overall score: 79.5

3. Sorbonne University, Paris: Rank: 59. 

Overall Score: 71.7

4. Université Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette: Rank: 71. 

Overall score: 67.6

5. École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon: Rank: 184.

Overall score: 47.6

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Benefits of Studying in France 

The French government subsidises higher education in France so the tuition fees in France is lower than in other countries. Apart from this, there are other benefits –

Exposure- France has an extended international student community that provides exposure to different cultures and perspectives. Qualities like adaptability, flexibility, and communication skills are sharpened when studying abroad.

Quality education – There are diverse academic programs available for students in the best universities so students get to study in top-notch institutions and pursue the best fields.

Learn a new language – Studying in France means learning the French language. French is widely spoken over the globe and also offers various opportunities so studying in France gives you an opportunity to learn this language.

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