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In your journey of study abroad, Forex cards are one of the best travel partners. Paying for expenses, cash withdrawal, online shopping etc. becomes very easy in a foreign country with a multi-currency Forex Card. If you’re looking for a Forex Card from HDFC Bank, then here is what the bank is offering you. The HDFC Bank Forexplus Card is one of the most popular cards, especially for international students. It offers an availability of 10 major currencies including USD, CAD, AUD etc. Let’s check all the major features, benefits and charges of HDFC Bank Forexplus Card.

HDFC Bank Multicurrency Forex Plus Card

Features of HDFC Bank Forexplus Card

HDFC Forexplus Card is a prepaid Forex card which can be used across all the POS (point of sale) and ATMs that accept Visa cards. If you are looking for the cheapest Forex cards for students then this is one of them. The card can be easily reloaded with net banking and you don’t need to have an account with the bank to purchase the card. The bank has international toll-free numbers and you can call them anytime for any kind of issue or assistance. Check other major features of HDFC bank Forex Card below:

  • The card is available in 10 widely accepted global currencies which are USD, AUD, AED, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD and SEK
  • You can withdraw money from an ATM with this card in any desired currency during your international journey. 
  • After loading the card, you don’t need to worry about forex fluctuations in the above-mentioned currencies
  • You can track all your transactions on Forex Card via Prepaid Net Banking and you can also put a request to change the ATM pin through it.
  • The card also provides the benefit of getting emergency cash delivery services in case you lose your Forex Card.

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Forexplus Card Eligibility Criteria

HDFC Bank has specified some eligibility criteria for the Forex cards which you need to fulfil. It is good to check eligibility before applying for the card as you will already know that there will be no eligibility-based hindrance while issuing the Forex Card. Check some of the major eligibility criteria below:

  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • If you are not a customer of the bank, you will be required to show a copy of your visa or air ticket
  • All the copies of the documents must be self-attested by the applicant

HDFC Forexplus Card Insurance Benefits

HDFC Forex card comes with a lot of insurance cover benefits for the customer. Sometimes, there can be unfortunate incidents during travel. After purchasing the card, you will get insurance for baggage loss, accidental death, card skimming etc. The insurance feature makes this card unique as you may not get coverage for the mentioned events with other Forex cards. Let’s check the coverage amount for various events:

Event Cover Amount
Card misuse, counterfeiting and skimmingCover up to INR 5 lakhs
Personal Accident Insurance (death cover only)Cover up to INR 25 lakhs
Loss of Baggage Cover up to INR 50,000
Loss of Checked Baggagecover up to INR 20,000
Passport ReconstructionCover up to INR 20,000

How to Apply for an HDFC Forexplus Card?

You can apply for an HDFC multi-currency Forex card online on the official website of HDFC Bank. You need to visit the website and fill out the application form to get the card. Check the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Bank and go to the personal banking section
  • Click on cards and select Forex Cards
  • Choose ‘Forexplus Card’ and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button
  • If you have a savings account with HDFC Bank then enter the customer id. If not, then enter your mobile number
  • Fill out all the details mentioned in the application form and submit it along with the supporting documents
  • If approved, the bank will communicate the details through emails and calls.

How to Check Balance in HDFC Forexplus Card?

While using your HDFC Forex card to manage expenses abroad, you should always keep track of the remaining balance on the card. This will help you to plan your budget properly and spend accordingly. Also, you will be able to reload the card timely to avoid transaction failures. Check the steps below to know how to check the balance on your HDFC Forexplus card:

  • Login to your HDFC Net Banking portal
  • Enter the user ID and password or IPIN issued as a part of the card kit
  • Go to the prepaid card for the Forex card section
  • You will be able to see the remaining balance and transaction history on your Forex Card

Note: If you are unable to use HDFC internet banking, you can check the remaining balance on your HDFC Forexplus card through Phone Banking services.

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Safety Guidelines for HDFC Forex Cards

Forex cards will be very helpful in managing day-to-day expenses abroad. You will be able to withdraw cash easily and pay across POS channels. It is very essential to keep your card safe and secured in your hands. In case the card is lost, Issuance of a duplicate card may take some time to arrive. Hence, always make sure that your Forex Card is safe and not getting misused. Check some of the major safety guidelines for HDFC Forex Cards:

  • Stay alert and never share OTP with anyone to be protected from skimming and misuse.
  • In case the card is lost or stolen, immediately block the card temporarily through the Net Banking facility 
  • Always keep the email and SMS alerts activated for every transaction. You can get SMS on both domestic and international numbers.


What is an HDFC Forexplus Card?

HDFC Forexplus card is a multi-currency prepaid forex card offered by HDFC Bank for international usage. The card covers all the major currencies and also provides insurance as an add-on benefit. 

How many currencies are available in HDFC Forexplus Card?

HDFC Forexplus Card covers 10 currencies of major countries. They are  USD, AUD, AED, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD and SEK.

Can I get death cover with an HDFC Forex Card?

You will get an accidental death cover of INR 25 lakh with a Forexplus card. Apart from that, the card provides insurance for loss of baggage, loss of passport, misuse or skimming of card etc.

Do I need to visit the branch to get an HDFC Forex Card?

You can apply online for an HDFC Forex Card on its official website. However, the bank may ask you to visit the branch for documentation if required. 

What is an EMV Chip on a Forex card?

EMV chip is for the safety of Forex cards from misuse. The EMV Forex cards store the information about the cardholder on a metallic chip. These safe magnetic chips can be authenticated only by special readers. This makes the card more secure than cards with magnetic strips. 

This was all about the HDFC Bank Forexplus Card. Always check and compare the charges on different Forex cards before purchasing one. To know more about multi-currency forex cards, the best bank accounts for students, forex and banking experience for global students or international money transfers, reach out to our experts at 1800572126 to help ease your study abroad experience. 

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