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Are you studying abroad and want to send money to your landlord? Or maybe your parents want to send you money for your birthday and vice versa. Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer allows you to do just the same. With Fidelity Bank International money transfer you can transfer money to your loved one in different currencies. You can read this blog to know everything about Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer.

About Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer

International wire transfers are known as transactions that can let you send money from your bank to the bank account of someone else or even a financial institution that is present almost anywhere in the world. Fidelity Bank allows you to perform this service easily and quickly through any medium you want, ie either online, through their mobile app, or even at any of their local branches.

How Does International Money Transfer Work?

The amount of money that you have requested is then transferred between financial institutions in the currency that you requested. The amount from your bank is cut in the currency that your country deals in, for example, INR. The transfers are processed in the form of a wire through SWIFT

When Should You Apply for Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer?

The bank processes wire transfers Monday to Friday. This is excluding holidays. Transactions that are received on the weekends are then processed on the next business day. The applicants must note that the requests must be made by or before 3:00 p.m. (in the branch) or 4:00 p.m. (online) if they want it to be processed on the same business day. 

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Application Process for  Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer

Go to the wire module in the Business Advantage section by clicking on Payments & Transfers.

Then you will have to click the “Wire” button and go on to select New Wire Transfer. Use the drop-down box in the wire type and designate it to International. Then click on the submit button which will bring you to a New International Wire Transfer table. Put in all the information that is required, ie the Transfer Description, an Amount, and a Start Date. Next, you will have to select the account you would like to transfer the money from. Then, you must enter the following information about the Beneficiary:

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • Beneficiary Address 
  • Message to Beneficiary. This will include the purpose of the Wire (required) 
  • Beneficiary Reference

After you have entered the correct information, you will then have to click save and proceed. 

Currencies for Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer 

Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer works in the following currencies

  • Canadian dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Czech koruna
  • Euro
  • Danish krone
  • Hungarian forint
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • Japanese yen
  • Israeli sheqel
  • Mexican peso
  • Norwegian krone
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Polish Zloty
  • South African rand
  • Singapore dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • Swedish krona
  • Turkish lira
  • Thailand baht
  • United Kingdom pound

Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer Fees

For any outgoing transfer, the bank takes a ‘Fidelity fee’ from the applicant. But the amount that they charge is not written on their page. Moreover, there may be some fees from the intermediary and recipient banks as well. 

If in case you want to transfer money in two different currencies, then you will be charged with an exchange rate markup in addition to the fee of your international wire transfer that you want to carry out with Fidelity.

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Fidelity Bank International Money Transfer Exchange Rate

It’s normal for banks as well as other exchange services provide an exchange rate that is an average of 4-6%. They do this in order to make sure that they make a profit on the foreign currency transactions that they carry out.

Although, you must know that Fidelity has not disclosed its exchange rates. Due to this, you will have to call a Fidelity representative if you want to check the exchange rates that are used for your currency pairing before you want to commit to the transfer.


Q1. Does Fidelity Bank do international transfers?

Yes, Fidelity Bank provides its customers with both domestic as well as international wire transfer options.

Q2. How long does Fidelity international transfer take?

The Fidelity international transfer takes around 3 – 5 business days to get processed.

Q3. How much can you wire international Fidelity?

The transfer limit for Fidelity international bank transfer is $100,000 per day and per client. On the other hand, the minimum amount for a single bank wire is $100. If you need to wire an amount larger than $100,000 in a single business day that you will have to talk on the customer service line for assistance.

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