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Edinburgh is a bustling hub of art, culture and a growing economy which attracts visitors from all around the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or visiting for an official purpose exchanging currency with genuine rates can be a difficult task. We shall list and compare the top contenders offering the best currency exchange rates in Edinburgh. We’ll help you find the one currency exchange kiosk that fulfils your requirements.

Major Sources to Exchange Currency in Edinburgh

Before planning to exchange your currency you must know the major optimal sources offering the best rates for your currency. Edinburgh offers you multiple options to exchange your currency hassle-free including famous currency kiosks, union banks and the airport too.


The major banks in Edinburgh offering currency exchange services include Barclays, HSBC and NatWest. While the rates may not always be competitive, exchanging currencies is always convenient. Besides, your home bank is always available to solve your specific currency-related enquiries and assist.

The banks are located at prime centres such as commercial districts and residential areas and are open 24/7 for easy accessibility of visitors. International banks such as the Bank Of America, Citi Bank and Deutsche Bank also offer their branches in Edinburgh.

In conclusion, Edinburgh serves a wide network of renowned banks to provide essential banking services to it’s people.

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Exchange Bureaus

Apart from banks, there are several renowned currency exchange platforms available in Edinburgh offering genuine and competitive rates. These platforms claim to provide a more personalized experience. You are advised to compare the rates across multiple independent bureaus to select the best for yourself. Some of the best-known currency bureaus include:

No1 Currency Exchange Edinburgh, Waverley (outside Waverley Market)Waverley Market, Princes Mall, 3 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh0330 124 73934.9 
No1 Currency Exchange Edinburgh, High Street207 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh0330 124 73924.9 
INSPIRE EXPRESS55 Nicolson St, Edinburgh0131 667 88992.7 
Currency Exchange Bureau Edinburgh – Waverley StepsWaverley Steps, 1 Waverley Steps, Edinburgh_ _
TUI Holiday Store124-128 St James Square, Edinburgh0131 653 37924.9

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Online Exchange Platforms

Along with multiple offline exchange bureaus, Edinburgh also has some major currency exchange kiosks offering digital services for those people who are unable to visit the offline centres. This is also an easy and convenient way of exchanging foreign currency from the comfort of your home without having to go anywhere. Listed below are some famous online currency exchange platforms:


Revolut has helped revolutionise the way people manage their finances and exchange currency. Revolut’s mobile app allows students and individuals to exchange currency via smartphones. You can easily initiate currency exchange with a few taps on your device. They provide competitive exchange rates and have a standout feature, the Multi-Currency Account feature allowing people to exchange multiple currencies with a single account.


TransferWise currency exchange in Edinburgh allows transparent fees and competitive exchange rates without any hidden charges. They utilise a peer-to-peer model where your funds are converted locally without the need for international transfers thereby reducing associated costs. They also adhere strictly to regulatory standards to safeguard users’ funds.


The Currency Fair Exchange Centre is favoured by individuals for its prime location and easy accessibility. It stands as a beacon of trust and reliability for its customers. They pursue a community-oriented approach with competitive rates and a wide range of currency options. They ensure a welcoming environment for everyone.


Currency Exchange at Airports is not the best option for currency exchange as they offer higher exchange rates as compared to others, you can always check them for immediate expense. Those arriving at the Edinburgh John Lennon Airport can look out for the exchange platforms at the airport itself. Exchanging currency at the airport saves your time and also provides you with easy accessibility to local as well as non-local currencies but it also comes with some disadvantages. You are bound to exchange your currency with limited competitors and also there is a risk of counterfeit currency. Moreover, you need additional documents to exchange currency at airports.

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Things to keep in mind before currency exchange

  • Get in touch with the mid-market exchange rate to know the true value of your currency against the dollar.
  • Compare the exchange rate using an online currency converter and make sure you ain’t getting scammed.
  • Avoid using airports and hotels for exchange rates as they offer a higher rate of exchange.
  • Always check your home bank as they almost always offer the best currency exchange rates.

This blog will ensure that you get familiar with all the necessary details before exchanging your currency abroad. You will receive the best currency exchange rates through any of the mentioned places.


Do banks offer better exchange rates than exchange kiosks?

Although exchange rates vary between both of them, banks do offer reliability and convenience with better exchange rates sometimes compared to the competitive rates of exchange kiosks.

How to avoid currency exchange fees while travelling abroad?

The best way possible would be to acquire a no-foreign transaction credit card but only if you qualify for one. Next, you can also check accounts or debit cards with no foreign transaction fee.

Can I exchange my currency at airports?

Yes, you have the option of exchanging currency at airports although it is not the best option recommended as they offer more competitive rates. You can exchange a small amount in case of immediate expense.

Can you withdraw cash using an ATM in London?

Yes, you can use ATMs to withdraw cash in London. There are plenty of ATMs available at every round and corner but you must also keep in mind the withdrawal fees charged by your bank.

Is a Passport necessary for currency exchange?

Yes, the currency exchange process requires documents such as your Aadhar card, PAN card, passport and confirmed air tickets. You can easily exchange your currency through any of your documents.

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