ADIB International Money Transfer ADIB International Money Transfer 

ADIB Bank is also known as the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. It was created in 1997 and has over 100 branches in the United Arab Emirates. One of its branches is situated in central London. Globally, it is the 4th largest Islamic bank in terms of assets. Since the past few decades, the bank has been able to maintain its track record for $39 billion in assets. Moreover, the bank serves over 1 million customers and is the first Islamic bank started in the UAE. ADIB bank offers international money transfers as well. Keep reading to know more about the Adib international transfer fees.

Why Choose the ADIB International Transfer?

Customers can choose the ADIB International transfer for the following reasons.

  • ADIB is a universal bank with a large regional presence
  • The bank has received numerous awards. For example, Forbes has listed the bank as the number 1 bank in the UAE.
  • Bank supports digital transactions. For example, 70% of the customers are enrolled through the bank’s digital channels. Moreover, 94% of the bank’s transactions are digitally done.
  • ADIB is the fourth-largest Islamic bank in terms of assets 
  • Send money to anyone living anywhere. The transactions made are simple, fast, and secure.
  • Customers can also receive money transfers in Global currencies.

ADIB International Money Transfer

The ADIB international money transfers can be made around the world.  The ADIB international transfers can be made in more than 200+ currencies. That too, with competitive exchange rates. The adib international transfer fees are also low. To make an international transfer customers can use the ADIB mobile app/internet banking. Another way to do the ADIB international money transfer is to visit the bank branch for the purpose.

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High Value and Bulk Transfers 

The ADIB international money transfer can be done for high-value bulk transfers as well. For the process, the customer can download the smart form given on the official website of the bank. Next, fill out the form and visit any of the bank branches to complete the international transfer. The Adib international transfer fees will be charged for the same.

Inward Transfers and Remittances

The ADIB bank allows inward transfers of AED 25,000. The transactions can be done instantly and with high value. The time taken for the same will be one day. Customers can enjoy the convenience of getting a foreign amount credit to their account from any bank in the world. The bank can be local or international.

ADIB International Money Transfer: Fees 

The adib international transfer fees are as follows:

ADIB international transfer fees: Remittances in a Foreign Currency

Particulars Fees 
Credited a foreign currency in an ADIB different currency accountPrevailing exchange rate of the bank
Credited in the foreign currency in a similar ADIB currency account Free
Outward Remitted elsewhere within UAE in the same foreign currency75
Online Remittance to ADIB accountFree
Online transfers to accounts outside ADIB1
Branch / other transfers to accounts outside ADIB 5

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ADIB international transfer fees: SWIFT Transfers

Online International Transfer25
Transfers to other Countries100
Online International Transfer for Rising Banking Services Customers25
SWIFT cancellation/funds recall100
Confirmation of payment to a beneficiary 100
SWIFT inquiries (overseas) 100

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Q1. What is the charge of Adib money transfer to India?

A. ADIB international transfer fees to India are AED 25 excluding VAT.

Q2. How much are international debit transaction fees?

A. The ADIB international transfer fees are 1%- 3% of the amount of purchase a customer makes. Moreover, banks also charge additional fees for ATM withdrawals.

Q3. What is the daily transfer limit for Adib?

A. The daily transfer limit that is set by the ADIB is  AED 25,000 to send money to any UAE bank account.

The ADIB Bank international transfers can be done in more than 20 currencies around the world. The ADIB bank assists the customer in the smooth transfer of funds in a fast and secure way. The ADIB bank is the first Islamic bank in the UAE. Hence, it is a reliable bank for international transactions. To discover more articles like this one, visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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