Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II for Education Loan Insurance: Benefits, Eligibility and Coverage

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II for Education Loan Insurance

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II for Education Loan Insurance: Union Bank is one of the most renowned public sector banks in India. It offers an education loan insurance policy i.e. Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II. You can get this policy for your education loan insurance even if you have taken an education loan from any other bank or financial institution. The policy aims to provide loan insurance for education loans and others in order to ensure that the liabilities of the loan shall not be faced by your family in the event of an unfortunate incident. Let’s check all the major features and benefits of Union Bank education loan insurance.

Know the Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II is a single premium, group mortgage-reducing term assurance plan (MRTA) for education loan borrowers of any bank or financial institution. Under this policy, you get life insurance coverage of an amount equal to the total loan outstanding at the time of death or disability. The policy is available for both new and existing borrowers. You can also get discounts on high sum assured.

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Benefits of Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II

Union Bank education loan insurance offers you a lot of benefits. It covers the moratorium period also and you can even get tax deductions for paying premiums. Let’s check some of the major benefits of Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha:

Peace of Mind

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha provides coverage against existing and new education loans. After getting your loan insured the liabilities of your loan won’t be passed on to your family members in case of an unfortunate event. For example, a student has a loan outstanding of INR 10 lakh and due to a road accident, he became permanently disabled. In this case, if he hadn’t taken loan insurance then his family or the co-applicant would have been liable to pay the entire outstanding. Hence, this policy provides you peace of mind as your family will not suffer after you. 

Value for money

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha is a type of decreasing-term insurance plan. The premium is affordable and the maximum sum assured is up to INR 5 crores. You will also get a discount of 5, 10 and 15% (as per the sum assured) in the premium amount. The company will pay the entire loan amount due at the time of death of the insured and your family won’t owe a single penny. 

Moratorium period coverage

The entire education loan amount is covered in case of interest being paid as well as interest being accumulated during the moratorium period which was originally provided by the lender. This is indeed one of the most attractive features of this policy. For example, you have finished your course at the university but haven’t started repaying the loan and only paying the interest charged during the moratorium period. Even if you are not paying anything and the interest is getting accumulated, the claim for the policy can be made. 

Income Tax benefits

The premium paid towards the education loan insurance will be eligible for deductions under sections 80(C) & 10(10D)* of the Income Tax Act. However, tax laws are revised by the government after a certain period. Please consult any tax lawyer or chartered accountant for all your queries. As per the existing tax laws, you can claim a deduction for premiums paid towards education loan insurance. 

Special Discount for High Sum Assured

Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha offers customers considerable rebates or discounts on the premium amount. The discount will vary depending on the sum assured. For a sum assured up to INR 2 lakhs to INR 4.9 lakhs, you will get a rebate of 5%. For a sum assured of INR 5 lakhs to INR 9.9 lakhs, a discount of 10% will be applicable and for any amount above INR 10 lakhs you will get a discount of 15%. 

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Union Bank SUD Shiksha Suraksha Eligibility Criteria

The bank in partnership with the insurer has prescribed some basic eligibility criteria for education loan insurance. Check the details in the table below:

CategoryEligibility Criteria
Minimum Age for Purchasing the Insurance Policy15 years
Maximum Age at The Time Of Maturity70 years
Eligible Loan Duration2 to 30 years
Moratorium Period 0-8 years
The Minimum Amount for The Sum AssuredINR 25,000
Maximum Sum AssuredINR 25 crores
Premium Payment ModeSingle premium (One time)

Important Clause in Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II

While taking the policy you must read thoroughly and understand all the important clauses, terms and conditions etc which will impact the claims and coverage. Make sure that the policy which you are taking is best suited for you and that it is solving the purpose. Check some of the major clauses which you should understand before taking the policy:

Suicide Clause

If the person insured, whether sane or insane, commits suicide within 12 months from the date of buying the policy then the insurance company will not be liable to pay any amount towards the loan outstanding and the insurance agreement will cease with immediate effect. Only 80% of the amount of premium paid will be refunded. 

Prohibition of Rebates

Section 41 of the Insurance Act, 1938 in India is about the “Prohibition of Rebates.” In simple terms, it means that insurance companies are not allowed to give discounts or any kind of monetary incentives to policyholders as an inducement to buy an insurance policy.

This rule is in place to ensure fairness and transparency in the insurance industry. It prevents insurers from offering special deals or secret discounts to some customers, which could lead to unfair practices. Instead, insurance companies must offer the same terms and conditions to all policyholders for a particular type of insurance policy.

Section 41 of the Insurance Act, 1938 is there to maintain a level playing field for all insurance customers and to prevent any underhanded tactics that could harm the interests of policyholders.


How can I buy Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha Policy?

You can visit the nearest branch of Union Bank or log in to the official website of the bank in order to purchase loan insurance. 

Can the policy be claimed if no repayment has been made due to the moratorium period?

The claim will be accepted and passed even if you haven’t made any payments due to the moratorium period. 

What is the maximum sum insured for Union Bank Education Loan Insurance?

The maximum sum assured for Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha is INR 5 crores. You will also get a discount on the premium on a high sum assured. 

This was all about Union Bank SUD Life Shiksha Suraksha II for education loan insurance. Always read the terms and conditions properly before purchasing an insurance policy. 

To know more about education loan insurance, the best bank accounts for students, forex and banking experience for global students or international money transfers, reach out to our experts at 1800572126 to help ease your study abroad experience. 

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