What is the Purpose of a Loan Capability Certificate? Here are the Details

Purpose of a Loan Capability Certificate
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To fulfil the dream of studying abroad students have to go through the application process and arrange various kinds of documents for verification. Besides this students then have to go through the visa process which involves another set of paperwork. This paperwork requires many documents one of which is evidence of financial support. There are various documents that testify for the financial support of the student one of which is a loan capability certificate

In this blog, we will cover detailed information about it which includes what is a loan capability certificate and the purpose of a loan capability certificate. Keep reading further to know more! 

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What is a Loan Capability Certificate? 

A loan capability certificate acts as evidence of financial support from the bank in the form of a loan. Just like loan capability certificates, there are other financial support evidences that students can provide to their university, these evidences are – loan approval certificates, CA certificates, Affidavit of sponsorship, etc. Coming to the loan capability certificate, this declaration, as the name suggests is issued by the bank stating that they are willing to provide financial support to the student for their studies abroad. The loan capability certificate generally includes the following information – 

  • Name of the student 
  • Loan amount sanctioned
  • The willingness of the bank to grant a loan to the student
  • Signature of bank authorities 

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What is the Purpose of a Loan Capability Certificate? 

Mentioned below are some of the key purposes of a loan capability certificate: 

  • Financial support – A loan capability certificate acts as a testament to the financial support provided by the bank in the form of a loan if a student gets admission to a university abroad. 
  • Assess Borrowing Capacity – A loan capability certificate helps the loan applicant in assessing their borrowing capacity making them aware of how much loan amount they are eligible for. This information helps the individual to plan ahead and make financial decisions based on the loan amount they will get. 
  • Budgeting – This certificate allows the borrower to create a budget beforehand which can assist them in their financial goals. It helps them become aware of the amount that they are eligible to borrow and how much amount they will be comfortable repaying. 
  • Helps in Negotiating – Borrowers can use this certificate as a negotiation tool to discuss loan terms and conditions with another lender. This can help them get a better loan deal which can aid them financially. 
  • Confidence – This certificate adds an element of confidence in the financial planning of the borrower. It allows the borrower to not waste their time and efforts in applying for a loan ahead which they won’t be eligible for and to only apply for the ones which will align with their financial situation. 

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What is a solvency certificate issued by the bank? 

This certificate is usually asked by commercial offices and the government to ascertain the financial position of an individual/entity. This document provides information about the financial stability of an individual or an entity. 

What is a capability certificate?

A bank capability certificate is issued by the bank as a declaration in the form of a letter to a student for their studies abroad. 

What is the difference between a liquidity certificate and a solvency certificate?

A liquidity certificate acts as a testament to the individual’s ability to bear short-term expenses like bills, salaries, and other short-term debts. On the other hand, a solvency certificate ascertains the financial ability of the individual to bear long-term expenses like sustaining operations, maintaining a positive net worth over time and repaying long-term liabilities. 

We hope this blog answered all of your queries about what is the purpose of a loan capability certificate!  To know more about loan capability certificates, the best bank accounts for students, forex and banking experience for global students or international money transfers, reach out to our experts at 1800572126 to help ease your study abroad experience. Follow our social media handles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

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