Advantages of SBI RiNn Raksha Insurance Policy for Education Loans

SBI RiNn Raksha for education loans is an insurance policy provided by SBI Life. It safeguards you from the burden of paying off the student loans in case of unforeseen events. 

Let's check all the major benefits of SBI Life Rinn Raksha policy for education loans.

Financial Security 

SBI Rinn Raksha provides you peace of mind and covers for the SBI education loan in case a fatal eventuality occurs.

Tax Benefits

Those who purchase SBI Life RiNn Raksha for education loans are eligible for tax benefits on the premium paid under recent Income Tax laws. 

SBI Life provides flexible premium payment options which can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis per your financial capabilities.

Flexible Premium Payments

The policy provides additional coverage for two co-applicants in addition to the primary applicant ensuring complete safety for your family.

Flexible Coverage

On purchasing the SBI RiNn Raksha, you get an additional 0.50% discount on your education loan rate of interest.

Lower Interest Rates

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