Know about the HDFC Credila Education Loan Processing Time 

HDFC Credila Education Loan processing time is  10-15 days. 

The following steps are included-  - Application Form Submission - Documents Submission - Documents Verification  - Loan Approval & Sanction   - Loan Disbursement

Step #1: Application Form & Documents Submission

The first step is to submit the education loan application form and attach the required documents.

Step #2: Documents Verification 

Once the documents are submitted, HDFC Credila will verify them and might ask for additional documents. 

Step #3: Loan Approval

After document verification, HDFC Credila proceeds with education loan approval and determines the loan terms and conditions. 

Step #4: Loan Sanction 

The bank issues a loan sanction letter that must be signed by the borrower.  After this, the HDFC Credila loan disbursement is initiated. 

Step #5: Loan Disbursement

Once the disbursement amount, date, and mode are confirmed to the bank, then within 24-48 hours the education loan is processed.

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