Among the many ways to ease finances while studying abroad, many students opt for education loans to ease their procedure.

Check this story to go through the many education loans in Canada along with their document requirements.

Here is a list of banks offering Education loans to study in Canada along with their interest rates:

- SBI - 8.15% – 8.65% - HDFC Bank - 9 – 14% - Axis Bank- 11.20% – 13.20% - Punjab National Bank- 7.30% – 9.20%

- Bank of Baroda - 8 – 10% - ICICI Bank - 7 – 11% - Canara Bank- 7 – 10% - Allahabad Bank- 7 - 11%

The following slide contains a list of documents required for taking an educational loan:

- Proof of admission - Loan application form. - Passport size photographs. - Income proof of the guarantor. - Academic Transcripts

- Documents of qualifying tests (GMAT, GRE, IELTS). - Resident proof of the student and the guarantor. - Bank Statements

After finishing school, there is a 6-month non-repayment period. No interest is put on your loan during this time. When this period is over you have to start making payments on your Canada Student Loan.

The 6-month non-repayment period starts after you finish your final school term, reduce from full-time to part-time studies, or leave school or take time off school.