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Here are some budegting tips for students 


 As important as it is to enjoy your moments in college, it is equally essential that you learn newer ways of saving money, taking responsibilities and growing up into a mature adult. 

 A budget is an estimated list of revenue and expenses for a specific period. Making a budget depends on several things- available finances and your expenses.

No matter how much you try to make a budget and stick to it, you need to learn the tips on saving money:

1. Track your expenses: Be very careful about where you spend. Too much eating outside and excursions can strain your monthly budget.

2. Identify your needs and wants: Many students confuse what is needed for them and what they desire to buy. Relying on homemade coffee is better than Starbucks in such a situation.

3. Avoid debt: No matter what, try to avoid loans from others. Keep a handful of savings at the time when you are cashless

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4.  Attend student-friendly events: Budgeting doesn’t mean getting a boring life. Rather it is smart to look on for free events with free food and drinks for students.

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5. Create expense categories: Divide your money according to your monthly names such as tuition fees, textbooks, groceries, rent, bills, entertainment, and so on.

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6. Reward yourself: On achieving budgeting, reward yourself with the savings with whatever you want.

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