5 Best Forex Cards for Indian Students Studying in UK

This card provides many options. Apart from GBP, it can be reloaded with 15 more widely used currencies multiple times.

Axis Bank Forex Card

Beside the GBP, the HDFC card can be loaded in 22 more currencies and gets activated within 4 hours of receiving funds.

HDFC Bank Forex Card

Niyo card offers zero forex markup benefit on all international transactions. Besides, this card provides benefits like free lounge access at selected international terminals in India

Niyo Global Card

To cater your travel needs, 5 different cards are available via ICICI that provide features including contactless payments, emergency support, online reloading, access to exclusive deals, and 24/7 customer service

ICICI Forex Card

The card comes with a lot of extra benefits like personalized travel plans or partnerships with travel companies for additional advantages.

Fly Finance Forex Card

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